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BOAT International June 2023

‘Unpredictable, remote, extraordinary – most people would agree that the Amazon River is a bucket-list trip of a lifetime. But is it still a no-sail area for superyachts? Tristan Rutherford investigates’

Luxury Traveller April 2023

“As CEO and Founder of luxury small ship cruise company Aqua Expeditions, Francesco Galli Zugaro talks about his thirst for soft adventure, his love for Italy and appreciating life’s special moments through slow travel. As told to Katrina Holden.”

Asia Pacific Boating Spring Summer 2023

“Aqua Expeditions founder and CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro has just added a second superyacht to his charter fleet. He talks with Asia-Pacific Boating about life after Covid and his plans for the future.”

Porthole Cruise & Travel June 2023

“As we pried the lid off our post-pandemic bucket of travel dreams, the off-the-radar destination of Raja Ampat rose to the top. When we mentioned the region to our friends as our next adventure, puzzled looks gave way to, ‘Where and what is that?'”

Departures March 2023

“I came to the Galapagos Islands for one reason: to mingle with animals in one of the most remote ecosystems on Earth. This made experiencing the archipelago’s 13 major islands by boat the obvious choice, and I was lucky enough to do so aboard Aqua Mare, the newest addition to the Aqua Expeditions fleet of luxury vessels.” 

Paris Match February 2023

“Le dernier bateau d’Aqua Expeditions permet de concilier confort et aventure. Et de serpenter parmi les meandres du plus long fleuve du monde a la decouverte d’une jungle quasi immaculee.”

The Weekend Australian Travel + Luxury January 2023

“The rules of engagement are clear in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands: Don’t touch the wildlife and keep a distance of at least 2m. That’s easier said than done in a biodiversity hotspot where the animals have little fear of human interlopers.” 

WORLD Magazine Summer 2022

“Tricia Welsh meets spectacular wildlife above and below the waves on a five-star expedition cruise among Indonesia’s remote and magical islands.” 

Signature Luxury Travel & Style – Cruise Edition

“We’re delighted to resume Signature Luxury Travel & Style’s Luxury Cruise Awards in 2022, out chance to celebrate the ocean, river, expedition, family and tall-ship cruise lines that go above and beyond when it comes to onboard and on shore services, facilities and experiences.”


“Aqua Expeditions launches their fifth vessel in the remarkable Galapagos Islands marking a profound moment for founder and CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro: “Every since I left Ecuador in 2006 to build my own business, I have wanted to return with our very own luxury expeditions ship.” Enter Aqua Mare…”


Die «Aria Amazon» führt Gäste luxuriös ins Naturschutzgebiet Pacaya Samiria in Perus Amazonasbecken – eine abenteuerliche Reise zu den letzten Geheimnissen dieser Erde. 

Starboard Issue 8, 2022

“Bordering Puerto Ayora, the largest and most populated town in the Galapagos, on the southern edge of Santa Cruz Island, the radiant turquoise waters see yachts, fishing trawlers and sailboard bobbing gently up and down on the waves. Amid this jumble and a raft of frolicking sea lions, Aqua Mare stands out from the crowd. “

Travel+Leisure December 2022

“On trips down the Peruvian Amazon, passengers on the Aqua Nera can soak up the moody riverscape and spot pink dolphins from the top deck. What they may not realize is that the handrails and carpets of the Aqua Expeditions ship are helping to protect, in a small way, the delicate ecosystems all around them.”

Country & Town House Nov/Dec 2022

“The fifth vessel to join the Aqua Expeditions fleet, Aqua Mare is the first true superyacht in the Galapagos Islands. A sort of homecoming for the company’s CEO and founder, Francesco Galli Zugaro, whose professional career in luxury travel began in Ecuador.” 

Embraer Advantage Fall 2022

“Follow in Darwin’s footsteps on Aqua Mare, the first superyacht purpose-built for expeditions in the Galapagos Islands. Traveling in the Galapagos often feels like you’ve been dropped into a National Geographic nature documentary. Located in the Pacific Ocean, roughly 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the volcanic archipelago has some of the highest levels of endemism on the planet.” 

Food & Travel Mexico Oct/Nov 2022

“El movimiento gradual de la placa tectónica de Nazca provocó, durante siglos, erupciones volcánicas que formaron las también llamadas islas Galápagos. Hoy es posible admirar su riqueza a bordo de Aqua Mare, un exclusivo crucero de expedición.”

L’Officiel Brazil October 2022

“Seja a bordo de uma deslumbrante embarcação – que já fez parte da frota de exploração da marinha Real Britânica –, ou cavalgando em terras firmes do já eleito melhor hotel do mundo, a Indonésia propõe a fusão perfeita entre mar e terra.”


“With only seven suites and 16 crew, the sleek and chic 50m-long Aqua Mare is small enough to evoke feelings of ownership – you really feel that you are on your own private yacht with a few friends. Think luxury, service, comfort and attention to details – that’s what Aqua Mare is all about and it’s a haven after a hectic day of exploring these islands.” 

Australian Financial Review September 2022

“Getting dropped into a feeding frenzy of whale sharks might not exactly scream “luxury”, nor might spending a week aboard a decommissioned British Navy vessel . But throw in a cruise director who was once a Royal Marine and an owner with a passion for hard-to-reach destinations, and you’ve got Aqua Blu – an adrenaline fuelled take on high-end cruising.” 

House & Garden October 2022

“Mary Lussiana takes a luxury superyacht cruise to the Galapagos, the Pacific Ocean archipelago known for extraordinary wildlife that is found nowhere else on earth.” 

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