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Departures Jan/Feb 2021

“Aqua Expeditions has redefined cruising on the Amazon with its stylish ships, world-class cuisine, and wildlife excursions – and now the company is improving its winning formula with this 20-suite vessel.”

Robb Report Dec/Jan 2021

The anthropologist Lawrence Blair has spent the past few decades trekking to the most remote corners of Indonesia, living with indigenous peoples, climbing Krakatoa, sailing with pirates, seeking rare birds of paradise and researching ancient myths, as depicted in his Emmy-winning 1988 PBS documentary, Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey. Now Robb Report readers can join the colorful explorer on private expeditions to some of Indonesia’s most spectacular locations aboard a private charter of the Aqua Blu superyacht.”

Condé Nast Traveler Nov 2020

Aqua Expeditions N°5 River Ship in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

Boat International Oct 2020

“Aqua Expeditions will launch the 62-metre Aqua Nera for whole boat charter on the Peruvian
Amazon in November. Explore the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve then dive in the plunge pool before settling down to Amazonian dishes by chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.”

Robb Report Arabia August 2020

“It [Aqua Blu] could take you to dive or snorkel around the Raja Ampat Islands, where the warm sea is home to three-quarters of the world’s known coral species. Then again, you could opt to see the dinosaur-like dragon lizards of the UNESCO-protected Komodo National Park, or hop among the nutmeg-tree-covered Spice Islands.”

Virtuoso Life Sep Oct 2020

“From the beginning, we’ve been committed to contributing to communities and protecting the environment. But the pandemic allowed us time to rethink our approach.”

Abenteuer & Reisen Jan 2020

“Sailing towards Cambodia – In golden west Thailand, in busy east Vietnam and in between the very humble and peaceful Cambodia, a place offering so much more than just the world-famous temples such as Angkor Wat. Cambodia’s huge diversity can be seen during the pottery-making excursion in the countryside, on the river expedition on the Mekong and Tonle Sap Lake, as well as a visit to a Robinson luxury island.”

Conde Nast Traveler August/September 2020

“If you hope to cruise in 2021, word in the industry is: Book Now. Between the passengers who bumped 2020 sailings because of the pandemic and general interest in getting out to sea again, cabins on ships both small and large, river and ocean, are filling up fast.” 

FT: How To Spend It – August 2020

“Aqua Expeditions redefined the Amazon ­cruise experience when it launched in 2007. Having proliferated its fleet and expanded into Asia with much success, it has gone back to its origins in South America to elevate its already exceptional offering there. Aqua Nera is the result of those ambitions – a new, 20-cabin river-cruiser that will make its first journey in October.”

Condé Nast Traveler (Spain) March 2020

“Another example of today’s exquisite standard of cruises is Aqua Blu from Aqua Expeditions, the first foray into salty waters – those of Raja Ampat, the Spice Islands and the Komodo National Park, any diver’s dream – from the company that has revolutionized river cruises.”

Robb Report Mexico – July/August 2020

“Exploring the cultural and natural wonders of Indonesia is a unique experience−and, above all, private− on board Aqua Expeditions’ splendid yachts.”

Robb Report June 2020

“No matter your destination, there is an embarrassment of staff on board, from marine biologists to dive instructors, who can finesse the experience. It’s the latest ship in the burgeoning fleet of ultra-luxury cruises operated by Italian-American entrepreneur Francesco Galli Zugaro.”

ELLE Germany February 2020

Travelling into the wild, while being pampered like a queen: A journey on Aria Amazon is a fairytale adventure in a floating Five-Star-Hotel – on which you can watch pink dolphins and lazy sloths with a pisco sour in your hand. But there is more to it. You meet wonderful people and learn all about the pristine nature around you” (translated from German)

Lofficiel Brasil Issue #74

“Visits to communities result in good conversations, families open the doors of their homes and really make us feel like we’re part of their lives. We visit some schools and donate school supplies and basic goods to  students, who with an open smile sing and dance, transmitting a unique joy – the joy of those who didn’t grow up within four walls.” (translated from Portuguese)

Fortuna Japan Spring 2020



Delicious AU Magazine – March 2020

“From delving into the shifting culture of the landscape to quiet modern luxury, oodles of space and truly spectacular food, there’s every chance this travel writer will be boat-bound again before too long.”

House & Garden April (May issue) 2020

“This is the sort of adventure I read about in childhood, with a torch under the bedsheets late at night, dreaming of treasure islands. But here it comes laced with luxury and worldly sophistication..”

Centurion, Spring 2020

“The expedition has opened up a part of the world my fellow passengers and I might never have been able to truly appreciate. For us, these waters, like the whale sharks, dolphins and mantas that call them home, have become a living, breathing organism – one eminently worthy of protection. Glass in hand, my gaze fixed on the brilliant tableau of colours of the sky as the sun casts the day’s last light, the importance of the voyage I find myself on – this journey through one of the greatest gardens of our world – comes into sharper focus.”

The Sunday Times Feb 2020

“Saving the best till last, we anchor off Dayang, on Batanta, jumping into the water above shallow reefs where manta rays congregate to be cleaned by smaller wrasse. Dark shadows appear beneath us, three rays circling, tilting sideways to reveal their white underbellies. They’re so graceful, and so enormous, with wingspans of more than 12ft, that I’m almost moved to tears.”

Departures, Spring 2020

“The route crossed waters generally seen only from rickety fishing and dive boats: north of the Lesser Sunda Islands and across the Banda Sea, up to the otherworldly equatorial islands at Indonesia’s remote eastern limit, where the ocean teems with some of the richest marine biodiversity on earth.”

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