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Aqua Expeditions is regularly featured by top travel journalists in the travel, culinary and news media. Read below the latest press and news media coverage about Aqua Expeditions – leading guests on luxury voyages on the world’s greatest rivers.

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ABTA Magazine – UK

“We are not only looking at river cruising, but coastal cruising, too.”

Luxury Magazine – USA

“This 16-suite river vessel snakes through dense jungle to reach untouched forests where pink river dolphins and toucans rule. Try your hand at piranha fishing and feast on rainforest delicacies such as giant river snails and camu camu berries.”

Winestate – Australia & New Zealand

“Highlights will include travelling with Thompson to local markets to learn about locally grown and harvested ingredients, cooking classes or kitchen tour hosted by Thompson and interactive Q&A with the chef.”


Waterfront Magazine – UK

“What better way to start married life than a once-in-a-lifetime experience together … Expeditions are led by expert local guides, where couples can travel into the depths of the dense rainforests and kayak, canoe and swim in unspoiled waters. For honeymooners wishing to drench themselves in local culture, activities include visits to local markets and remote villages.”

Delicious Magazine – Australia

“Acclaimed chef David Thompson has long consulted for Aqua Mekong, the opulent 20-suite cruise ship that explores Vietnam and Cambodia, and soon he will be hosting two forays.”

MiNDFOOD – Australia & New Zealand

“Floating like a beacon on one of the most powerful rivers in the world aboard the Aqua Mekong, the sights and tastes of Vietnam and Cambodia are revealed in all their glory.”

Silkwinds Magazine – Asia

“Designed as a floating five-star hotel, the 205ft-long Aqua Mekong features cabins with king-size beds, floor-to-ceiling windows and rainforest showers. There’s even an on-site spa, gym and a top-deck plunge pool with private cabanas.”

Rhapsody – USA

“The Aria Amazon river boat brings unimaginable luxury to the wilds of the Peruvian jungle.”

Condé Nast Traveler – Spain

“Aqua Expeditions: Do not call it a boat when you can raise it to the level of a five-star hotel, designed for those who love expeditions and avoid tourists masses.”

Food and Travel – UK

“The sustainably crafted ship’s 20 designer suites – the river’s largest rooms – overlook the sparkling water through floor-to-ceiling windows… Adventurous aesthetes dine on world-class cuisine created by top South East Asian chef David Thompson and board the Mekong’s only private tenders for expert-guided shore excursions to serene Buddhist temples and stilted villages, as well as having the chance to explore the unique landscape by bicycle and kayak.”


‘Guests on the three, four and seven-night itineraries will be accompanied by one of three hosts: conservationist Jean Michel Cousteau, consulting chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and the company’s founder and chief executive Francesco Galli Zugaro’

Destination of the World News – United Arab Emirates

‘Aria Amazon is the last word in Amazonian river luxury: 16 suites featuring floor-to-ceiling windows provide unrestricted views of the river, its inhabitants and the wildlife on its banks…’

Travesias – Mexico

“The Aria Amazon is a cruise of three categories: river, luxury and expedition.”

Mayfair Magazine – UK

“Each day we disembark the ship for a bicycle excursion, cycling through local villages and happening upon weddings, funerals, card games and family meals… Each night we return to the boat for serpent head fish curries, red snapper, aromatic stir fries and moreish sticky rice.”

Spear’s 500 Travel Guides – UK

“It’s the end of only my first day out on the longest river in the world, as part of a cruise that sails from the town of Iquitos, Peru – known as the gateway to the Amazon, a two-hour flight north of the country’s capital, Lima – with a mission responsibly to introduce visitors to the flora and fauna that popular not only its depths, but also the acres of lush, rolling rainforest and jungle through which the river flows.”


“This article introduces the special 30% off Summer rates on Aqua Mekong cruise in 2018 and 2019.”

Hers – Japan

“The article introduces how attractive cruise experience of Aria Amazon is”

CRUISE Traveller – Japan

“Aqua Mekong is highlighted as an unprecedented exploration ship that is admired by the world travelers who know the ultimate luxury. Various excursion tours and a variety of excellent cuisines are also featured with excellence of Aria Amazon’s hospitality.

REVISTA O2 – Chile

“Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aqua Mekong incorporates the highest standards in design converting this adventure on the Mekong River in an indescribable experience of sensations.”

Let’s Travel – NZ

“Aqua Mekong stands out from all other cruises on offer. The happiest memories I have of this trip all emanate from the cruise itself.”

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