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Aqua Expeditions is regularly featured by top travel journalists in the travel, culinary and news media. Read below the latest press and news media coverage about Aqua Expeditions – leading guests on luxury voyages on the world’s greatest rivers.

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Campden FB – UK

The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, and the way to see it is on Aqua Expeditions’ luxurious 16-suite Aria Amazon, with floor-to-ceiling windows in every cabin.”

Quest: Ker & Downey – USA

“On the river, there are moments that make my heart stop-when the students of a school near the riverbank sing to us”

Jax Fax Magazine – USA

Hop on Aria’s luxury riverboat featuring sixteen 250-square foot suites with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, perfect for taking in the wilds.

Conde Nast – Spain

“Francesco Galli Zugaro: One of the most Travel influencer”

Hashtag Legend – Hong Kong

“The service is impeccable. The crew are always ready to lend a hand. They greet you by name and remember each of your preferences.”

Revolution – Hong Kong

“Indeed, life aboard the Aqua Mekong is the stuff of dreams and I already look forward to when I can return “home” again.”

Robb Report – USA

“Start your adventure in style aboard Aqua Expeditions’ Aria Amazon, a newly renovated 16-suite cruiser that piles the fabled river and its black-water tributaries.”

Town & Country – USA

“And there is nothing like returning after sunset in a skiff from an on-shore exploration and seeing the boutique ship waiting for you, invitingly aglow against the mighty river’s darkening waters.”

Geographical – UK

“This elegant, 16-suite vessel is less boat, more floating boutique hotel, its polished wood interiors the perfect refuge from the region’s heat and humidity, with a top deck for sun worshippers and stargazers.”

Home Journal – Hong Kong

“A serene three-day jaunt exploring the Mekong Delta may transport your mind, body and soul worlds away, but rest assured that once you’re aboard the Aqua Mekong, you’re never far from home.”

Luxury Magazine – USA

Observing the waterscape connecting Cambodia to Vietnam from a plush daybed near a private terrace, the adventure-filled Mekong unfolds, hazy and surreal; mirage-like stilted villages; otherworldly biodiversity second only to the Amazon; wet agriculture; and haunting remnants of a rich, deep history.”

Billionaire – Singapore

“Most dishes served on board Aqua Mekong combine all the wonderful abundance of the Mekong’s ‘Nine Dragons’ delta regions, as epitomised in the carefully designed recipe of the Cambodian green curry.”  

Condé Nast Traveler – China

“Read about a detailed review of the Aria Amazon experience in Chinese”.

Porthole Cruise – USA

“Families traveling with Aqua Expeditions will have the chance to take cycling trips to local fishing villages, explore local markets, and participate in interactive cooking classes on board.”

Conde Nast Traveler – USA

“Watching my children board this unthinkably luxurious ship was a disorienting as déjà vu-time folding past experience onto the present.”  Anna Funder

Upscale – USA

“The Aria Amazon incorporates extremely generous dining and lounging areas including a full-service dining room, spa, cocktail lounge and outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking  the Amazon’s river views.”

Brilliant Glanz – Japan

“Aqua Mekong is 5-star luxury hotel on the river and it provides ultimate luxurious experience in Indochina region. On-board cuisine and excursion experiences are also great and you must try.”

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report – USA

“One of the most enjoyable trips that I have taken in recent years was a cruise aboard the Aqua Mekong riverboat, on a voyage between Vietnam and Cambodia.”

Vacation Agent – USA

“The company ups the ante on quality and comfort on Southeast Asia sailings.”

Singapore Tatler – Singapore

“A cultural touch by Francesco and Birgit Galli Zugaro.”

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