Your New Favorite Amazon River Cruise: Aqua Expeditions Comes Up Top

Claiming that Aqua Expeditions is the best Amazon River cruise is a bold one.

How are we able to make such a strong declaration with numerous Amazon River cruise companies operating as well?

Our outstanding reviews, multiple renowned awards and the return guests prove just it. Join Aqua Expeditions as we float through the Amazon River in both comfort and style, surrounded by award-winning service. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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Luxury Cruise on the Amazon - Aqua Expeditions


Aria Amazon: The Best Luxury Amazon Cruise Experience

Tourism in the Amazon River has become increasingly prevalent with the rise of affordable international travel. Cruises along the Amazon, in particular, have made the river more accessible to tourists, allowing them to reach the rivers banks other than solely trekking through thick stretches of jungle. Choosing to spend your vacation on an Amazon cruise may not be unconventional anymore, but choosing to cruise with Aqua Expeditions will truly be an experience unlike any other.

Aqua Expeditions was incepted with several concepts in mind. We desired to create a cruise brand that was entirely unique to other cruises, emphasizing exceptional comfort and personalized service. We wanted to do away with the boring meals and stiff tour guides, and instead bring you an unrivalled cruise experience that will excite even the most seasoned cruise goers.

Our aim is not just to simply create a luxury cruise ship, but to build a world-class cruise brand that would span international rivers and reimagine everything you thought you knew about river cruises. Forget what you thought you knew about design, food and cruise staff and prepare to be mesmerized by the Aria Amazon.


Exterior Deck on the Aria Amazon - Aqua Expeditions


First, the design

When the Aria Amazon ship was revamped in 2015, we wanted to be top-of-the-line and at the forefront of providing guests with a luxurious experience. Renowned Peruvian architect Jordi Puig helped accomplish our vision by refurbishing everything from the exteriors; featuring new woodwork, painting and awnings to furniture, amenities and speedboats. The common spaces are anything but common, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room, lounge areas, and an outdoor river-facing Jacuzzi.

The Aria is stunningly designed to ooze both comfort and style, all without standing out too prominently against the beauty of the river itself. Aqua Mekong, the sister ship to the Amazon cruises we embark on, even won an award for Asia Hotel Design in 2015.


Next, the food

Food on-board the Aria Amazon is unrivalled to any other meal you will have on-shore. A distinct contrast from the usual cruise kitchens, we sought out for the best chefs in the business to bring you authentic Peruvian dishes, with many indigenous ingredients sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest.

Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino designs three meals a day in the elegantly designed dining room with sweeping views of the Amazon River as it glides by. Though the view of the rainforest will invite your gaze, you will undoubtedly be feasting your eyes on the beautifully crafted plates presented in front of you.

Expect each meal to be distinct, but equally bold and bursting with flavor. Choose how you wish to be served, either family style with your own family, with new friends made on-board or just you and your partner.


Luxury Cruise on the Amazon - Aqua Expeditions


Finally, your own personal onboard crew

The Aqua Expeditions distinction is simple; our 1:1 guest to staff ratio ensures that there is always a crew member ready to attend to your every need, and better yet, our staff gets to know you personally. By the second day, your dietary requests and names will be remembered. By the third day, enjoy the company of a friend rather than a crew member each time you rebound the ship.

Choosing an excellent team as our onboard crew is one of the unique elements of what sets us apart, making you feel right at home.


Get The Most Out Of Your Amazon Cruises

Getting the most from your Amazon cruises should never be a hassle for you. We ensure a fuss-free booking with Aqua Expeditions, and you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. Read what our guests had to say about us:

“Exceeded what we expected, the personalities (the crew) on board were exceptional.â€Â Simone, November 2016

“Recently finished a 7-night trip on the Amazon on board the Aria. It was an unforgettable and fascinating experience. Truly a trip of a lifetime. The ship, the crew and the guides were outstanding. I would highly recommend this cruise to everyone with a taste for adventure.†Pat, January 2017

“I traveled with my 81 year old mother and 8 year old son, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. There really wasn’t anything we would have changed. My mom is already planning to return 4 years from now. Thank you again for creating such a stand-out product.†Jean, April 2015

“The Aria Amazon is an excellent small cruiser with very professional staff and wonderful guides, the cabins were spacious and well appointed, the recreation area very comfortable and the dining room very good. The food was wonderful and gave a good idea of the scope of Peruvian food even including the Chinese sector so important to them. The daily excursions were not to be missed and made us understand the importance of keeping the Amazon and its tributaries in pristine condition. To see the wildlife in its natural state was wonderful and the view some of the villages and their indigenous inhabitants was charming and meaningful. The guides were terrific in this respect.†Dick and Late, November 2017

Each experience on board the Aria Amazon will be spectacular, each better than the last as we listen and take our guests feedback very seriously. So the next time you’re looking for an Amazon cruise, let Aqua Expeditions luxury cruise line be the first on your list!


Amazon Cruise Twin Bedroom Suite - Aqua Expeditions


Enlighten all of your senses on an Amazon River cruise with Aqua Expeditions:

See all of the beauty of the Amazon up close and personal, with floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the outdoors in.

Hear the wildlife, sound of the water gliding beneath the boat and the surrounding activity bustling melodically throughout the boat.

Smell the delectable dishes being served for the day.

Feel at home beneath the soft sheets and gentle movements of the boat, expertly maneuvered by the best river captain on the Amazon.


Join us on board for an Amazon River cruise that will change the way you see luxury river cruises forever.


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Join Jean-Michel Cousteau on these special-edition departures offering Aqua guests unique opportunities for interaction and inspiration. 2018 departures with Jean-Michel are open for booking with a limited number of spaces available:

2018 Departures

February 9th to 16th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon
February 9th to 12th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon
February 12th to 16th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon
October 5th to 12th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon
October 5th to 8th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon
October 8th to 12th, 2018
Iquitos (IQT), Peru
Journey aboard the Aria Amazon


Limited space is available on these very special departures.
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Luxury Cruise on the Amazon - Aqua Expeditions