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We know how precious your vacation time is; after working tirelessly, it comes as no surprise that you should want your next holiday to be as close to perfection as possible. This is why Mekong River Cruise with Aqua Expeditions is the finest, most luxurious cruise available for you and your partner or family. Visualize the perfect cruise as you read these raving Aqua Mekong reviews, and be prepared to have your expectations exceeded by customizing your trip with us today.

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Mekong River Tours on the Aqua Mekong


Why Cruise The Mekong?

Cruises give guests the luxury to visit numerous parts of a country, or even multiple countries in just one single tour. Why go through the hassle of deciding your next holiday destination when you can see a few in one go?

The Mekong River extends through Vietnam and Cambodia, amongst other Asian and Southeast Asian countries. This 4,350km river has witnessed significant historical and geographical adaptations and has been the lifeblood of the indigenous people along the river for thousands of years.

Fishes are a popular commodity from the river, providing much of the region’s protein, and the annual overflowing tides nourish the growth of rice for nearly half of Vietnam.

Cruising along the Mekong River offers a unique glimpse into the cultures of Southeast Asia, seen from the perspective of the people that have lived and worked along the historic riverbanks for as long as they can remember.

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Why Aqua Mekong?

The common notion about cruises is that one may not be able to fully immerse themselves in the destination’s culture, with multiple stops along the trip. With Aqua Expeditions, be prepared to break that notion!

Our cruise packages are customizable, while never having to sacrifice your opportunity for cultural enrichment. Whether you choose to take on a 3-night itinerary or a week-long trip, you will always get the most in-depth experiences in each country you’re traveling through.

Aqua Mekong handpicks its staff, those of whom are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate river cruise experience, providing exceptional personalized services with their expertise in recalling your dietary requests to identifying every guest by name. Not forgetting their remarkable knowledge of the surrounding land and river; every excursion guide has mastered the art of creating an unforgettable adventure just for you.

Our attentive staff ensures no details will ever go overlooked, making your holiday particularly effortless and rewarding. Our 1:1 ratio (one guest to every staff member) is unmatched on any other luxury cruise lines; so join us and discover a truly unique guest experience.

More reasons to hop on board an Aqua Mekong River Cruise?


First Class Dining: We’ve done away with sterile dining places and less-than-enticing food to give you a Michelin-star dining experience delivered by award winning chefs. With a changing menu using only the freshest local ingredients, Consulting Chef David Thompson excites the taste buds with a menu that matches the pristine landscape as you float by. Enjoy views from floor-to-ceiling windows over date night or a family-style dinner with new friends.


Award-Winning Decor: When the Aqua Mekong was launched in 2015, we won Asia’s 2015 Hotel Design Awards for the year, exemplifying just how classy the interiors and common spaces of our ship truly is. The boat was built with superior, high-class materials that, whenever possible, were sustainably sourced. Encompassing both modern and classic Southeast Asian design elements, the ship perfectly suits the Mekong environment.


Unique Excursions: Part of every cruise is leaving the boat to explore the area on-shore. All of our 9-5 soft adventures’, as they are affectionately called by our CEO, depart twice daily, and let you explore at your own pace, with private speedboats that take you to shallower waters where you can access every aspect of the river.


Customizable Tours: Choose a cruise package to suit your schedule or exactly what you want to see including a 7-night Expedition cruise, 4-night Explorer route or 3-night Discover package. If you’re looking for a solely Cambodian route, which we recommend as these itineraries show you some of the most untouched aspects of the country, you can enjoy 3 or 4 nights in Cambodia on board.


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Aqua Expeditions Reviews

The best testament to any travel company is the reviews they receive; Aqua Expeditions reviews are no exception. We take them very seriously at Aqua Expeditions, asking all of our guests for their feedback during and after their cruise experience, to help improve future cruises for everyone.
Our customer feedback most commonly sites the food, staff and luxurious interior as their favorite aspects of the ship, although we’ve heard it all. Every piece of feedback is reviewed, no matter how small.

Here are just some of our favorite reviews:

Cambodia was fantastic and I had such an amazing time on the Aqua trip, Thank you SO much for your help. The best thing by far about the Aqua Mekong cruise was the staff on the boat (and the guides who took us on excursions off it). They were so attentive, friendly and welcoming, it really made the whole experience amazing. The food was absolutely INCREDIBLE too. Seriously, some of the best I’ve ever had. I literally looked forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The boat itself was really nice, too. It’s amazing that the suites were so luxurious and my favorite thing to do was open the window, lie on my day-bed and watch the Mekong go by. I loved it. I would absolutely recommend Aqua expeditions to anyone looking to explore Cambodia in a different way. – Lizzie, May 2017

The voyage was perfect in every way. Exceptional service, the most amazing meals, beautiful 5* cabin suite, great excursions and guides, incredibly personable staff, real sweet housekeeping staff, fun on-board activities, a wonderful massage and did I say ¦ exceptional service! Deborah, January 2017

œAfter over 160 trips in the last 8 years, and 2 with Aqua, we rate the Aqua Mekong number one for the hotel and dining experience. I use the word hotel interchangeably for cruises and hotels, and Aqua beats them all, land and sea. Ron, October 2016

œWhat an amazing experience, mere words cannot describe how perfect this Mekong experience is and how seamless you make it for us. The service level is off the charts, the ship is magnificent and the added space is so impressive, the food, the shore excursions so very interesting and varied. It is a wow factor beyond words. Susan, September 2015

Join us on board to truly experience the best Mekong River Cruise there is; be blown away by the food, staff and stunning design of the ship that highlights the beauty that is the Mekong from every place on board. As soon as you step foot on board, you’ll want to leave your own Aqua Mekong reviews! 

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