We heard your complaints about cruises to bring you the best Amazon River cruise

How can we be so sure the Aria Amazon river cruise by Aqua Expeditions is the best Amazon River cruise? Our award-winning boat and expertly crafted tour packages deliver the most unique, customizable luxury travel experience on the Amazon River.

We’ve combed through the most frequent complaints about cruises and created something much better.

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Amazon River Boat Tour - Aria Amazon


Your concern: “Food on a cruise is never good.â€

We heard you; traditional cruise food is unimaginative and lacks seasoning and cultural flare. You’ve probably seen a buffet line or maybe even a themed dinner with less-than-appetizing options on every other cruise you’ve been on.

Instead of delivering those same, generic meal options, the Aria Amazon will take you on a gastronomical adventure just as exciting as the trip itself. Enjoy Michelin-star quality food that tantalizes the taste buds, at every meal of the day.

The Aria Amazon dining experience features a menu centered explicitly around the freshest, most local ingredients found daily throughout your journey down the mighty Amazon River. We invite you to be blown away by exciting new flavors and embrace comforting, traditional ones as well. Each meal is different from the last, keeping you on your toes and eager for the next meal.

At Aqua Expeditions, we understand that the food onboard these traditional cruise companies can be a letdown, but it doesn’t have to be when you choose to cruise with us.

Join us on the Aria Amazon for a dining experience that rivals the trip itself.



Your concern: “The best Amazon tour is found on shore.â€

While the river itself is majestic and powerful, much of the best Amazon tour experience lies on shore from a different perspective. Luckily, each of our Amazon cruises offers personalized, up-close excursions led by experts, navigating you off of the boat and further off the beaten path. We even help you personalize your excursions, depending on the time of year you choose to cruise with us.

Like the Amazon River itself, a day onboard the best Amazon River cruise, Aria Amazon, is a balance of water, land and vibrant wildlife.

We seek to give you the most authentic and personal look at the mystifying landscape that surrounds the river. Professional naturalists will provide you with a one-of-a-kind look at the communities of people and animals that make up this Peruvian world. Experience cultures foreign to your own in one of the most diverse and unique landscapes on the globe.


Amazon River Boat Tour - Aria Amazon


Your concern: “On a cruise, I will be giving up the luxury of a staying in a nice hotel.â€

Consider the Aria Amazon to be a floating boutique hotel that will far exceed your expectations on cruise ships and even accommodations on land.

When our Southeast Asian Aqua Expeditions ship, Aqua Mekong, launched in 2015, it was given the honor of winning the PURE design award, as well as the 2015 Asia Hotel Design Award. The Aria Amazon is no exception, exemplifying sophisticated design in the suites, decks and dining spaces on board.

The suites are expertly designed to be both spacious and comfortable by reflecting modern luxury and echoing the Peruvian landscape that surrounds it.

Rich woods and fine linens populate the ship for total relaxation. Indoor rooms are outfitted with 360-degree panoramic windows to stay as close to nature as possible, while blackout curtains encourage complete privacy when desired.

In dining spaces and suites, expect the outdoors to feel as close as ever. Fully air-conditioned rooms and state-of-the-art, eco-sensitive bathrooms bring you high-quality amenities of a 5-star spa.

Finally, an outdoor river-facing Jacuzzi allows you to unwind without sacrificing stunning views and breathtaking sunsets.

We pride ourselves on a ship steeped in contemporary charm and awe-inspiring décor.


Jacuzzi in the Amazon on the Aria Amazon - Aqua Expeditiosn


Your concern: “I can never find someone to assist me on a cruise.â€

On larger ships, yes, this is often a problem. With thousands of guests and just as many staff on a massive boat, it can be impossible to find anyone, let alone a staff member that can assist you with all your needs.

That’s why we have scaled everything on the Aqua Expeditions’ boats way down. Enjoy personalized service, with staff to guest ratio of 1:1 on a boat that accommodates up to 32 guests in total. This will create meaningful experiences that are more flexible, intimate and unique.

While on excursions, one of four English-speaking naturalists will be guiding you on various adventures deep into the Amazon’s tributaries and on foot into the thick jungle rainforests. No large groups of guests here; every excursion is kept within an enjoyable size of maximum 8 guests to 1 guide ratio.



Your concern: “Cruises are not eco-friendly!â€

This is true; many larger cruise vessels tend to disregard the environment and its sustainability, creating a bad reputation for cruises. Massive ship hulls disrupt ocean life in shallow harbors, gas and garbage are spilled into the water at sea, and the construction of the ships themselves utilize finite resources like metals and fiberglass.

At Aqua Expeditions, we are committed to a more sustainable travel lifestyle, in the Amazon and on our Mekong luxury cruise. That is why each of our ships is built with sustainable materials, and whenever possible, our bathrooms are outfitted with eco-sensitive facilities and we use local food in our dining rooms.

We believe in leaving the rivers we operate on to be more beautiful than when we first arrived and encourage our guests to help us accomplish this vision. As a company, we are committed to exceptional conservation practices and give our guests opportunities to learn about, be a part of and donate to these conservation efforts whenever possible.



What is the best cruise on the Amazon?

The Aria Amazon far exceeds our competitors in determining what is the best cruise in the Amazon. With luxury design and sophisticated amenities, there is no competition as to a better way to travel in comfort down the epic Amazon River.

Delight your senses with food that tastes as good as it looks, panoramic views of the Amazon from every perspective and the quiet comfort of being surrounded by nature. Your chance to hop on board the best Amazon River cruise awaits.

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