5 Healthy Travel Tips for 2016

As January welcomes in a new year, you’re probably hearing a lot of talk about “dieting”, “getting back to the gym”, “detoxing” and “abstinence”. Everyone seems to be trying to make up for over-indulgence over the Christmas period. Health and wellness is, in fact, a growing trend among consumers across the globe and has always been an important focus of ours at Aqua Expeditions from food safety and dietary planning, to our spa treatments to our inclusion of medical staff on our cruises for enhanced guest service.

So let’s champion better health and wellness in 2016! Here are our top 5 tips for staying healthy while on your next travel trip:


Staying active can be challenging sometimes while on the road, since it often involves long periods of sitting whether in airplanes, trains, or cars. But exercise stimulates the immune system, releases endorphins and keeps your brain sharp. Get up and go for a run, walk or cycle whenever you can or squeeze in a trip to any gym facilities available. If you can’t get to a gym, then there are plenty of great free apps these days that will guide you through a quick in-hotel room workout. On our cruises, you can cycle, kayak and workout in our on-board gyms.



Traveling through time zones, in particular, can be exhausting and disruption of our routines can lead to problems getting a good night’s sleep. Know how much sleep you need to stay healthy (generally 7–8 hours per night). If you go more than two nights with fewer than six hours’ sleep, make it a priority to catch up. You want to make sure you have enough energy to see all the amazing attractions and sites you have planned and sleep is a key ingredient in a healthy immune system.



Let’s face it. Long airline flights are dehydrating. Make sure to ask for two glasses of water whenever offered one on your flights or buy a big bottle in the airport and ask the air steward/stewardess to fill it up for you once you’ve emptied it. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol during the flight as this will only dehydrate you more. The same applies if you’re in a hot place – always carry a large bottle of water around wherever you go especially if you’re active or perhaps over-indulged in locally brewed spirits the night before.


The longer your trip, the more you can be affected by an unbalanced or inadequate diet. Some travellers end up ingesting more carbohydrates and less protein because of convenience or to stretch their travel dollars. This is a problem as protein helps you resist infection and rebuilds muscles. Pack your travel snacks wisely with some high protein nuts, they’ll keep you feeling fill for longer and will stop you from resorting to fast food or hotel vending machines. Then think about taking supplemental super-vitamins to keep your immune system firing and counter the stress on the body that can come with long flights.



You never know when you might inadvertently step on a sharp rock on the beach,  get a splitting headache and need a strong painkiller, or be bitten by  a local bug when you are somewhere with no local pharmacy in proximity. Add to this the inability to speak the local language and you might find yourself in some trouble accessing medical assistance. Having a basic first aid kit in your luggage can save you a lot of pain – mentally and physically.

From all of us at Aqua Expeditions, we wish you a happy and healthy new year in 2016!