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“Back to School” in Vietnam and Peru

Visiting Schools

On your Amazon and Mekong adventure with Aqua Expeditions, we have expanded our water and land-based excursions off the vessel. Whether it’s kayaking, cycling, biking, swimming and fishing our guests are offered diverse options to experience Peru and Vietnam. For example, on our cruise ship excursions from the Aqua Mekong and Aria Amazon, Aqua Expeditions guests have the opportunity to visit local schools in Peru and Vietnam.


Puerto Miguel School – Peru

An exciting off-shore excursion from the  Aria Amazon river cruise is visiting native towns like Puerto Miguel and Clavero, and cities such as Nauta and Requena. Our guests can visit elementary schools including the one in Puerto Miguel (shown below) where they can donate school supplies, mingle with local teachers and parents, and learn about native, local Peruvian culture and traditions. They are also given the opportunity to purchase local crafts or even join in the fun of a pick-up game of soccer!



Binh Thanh Kindergarten – Vietnam

Aqua Mekong guests can “get local” at Binh Thanh Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, now welcoming another class of prodigies this year. The school is funded partly by the Vietnamese government and contributions by local residents with the objective that the school’s students have a safe environment for learning and self-development.


The Binh Thanh Kindergarten’s children, ages 3 to 5, come together, many in their first social setting, to learn self-respect and respect for those around them. The kindergarten program at Binh Thanh is based on the French educational curriculum. There are 15 students to a classroom who begin their school day at 8 a.m. The morning is spent teaching various topics that include traditional subjects, as well as teaching English and French.


The rest of the day is spent on supervised activities to foster development of each child’s personality, creativity, senses and imagination. Activities include painting, singing and playing instruments, story-telling, engaging in various sports and gymnastics, baking pastries, and (of course) lots of playing in the playground.

Lunch time is essential for the students, making it a perfect time for social exchange and discovering different foods and flavors. The school’s Director and nursery cooks come up with a new menu every month.


Cleanliness is essential to self-development and Binh Thanh places a big importance on hygiene. Nap time is also given a high priority for physical and mental recovery. Students are given over an hour of nap time before they continue with the remainder of their day.

The team at Binh Thanh nursery work hand-in-hand with parents to identify each child’s educational goals and to keep them informed about their child’s progress.

Guests on board the Aqua Mekong are welcome to bring school supplies if they so wish on their visit to the school and to interact with the students, allowing for a unique opportunity and special perspective into life in a Vietnam village.