Celebrating Father’s Day in the Aqua Expeditions’ Family

Working together in such remote and exotic locations fosters a strong sense of family among everyone at Aqua Expeditions. In Peru, we celebrate Father’s Day much like our American and English guests, by getting together as a family to show our appreciation for our fathers. Usually this takes the shape of breakfast in bed or a special lunch and at school, children often create handmade gifts or write poems for their fathers. As this important family holiday approaches this year on June 15th, we have asked our team at Aqua Expeditions to share some personal thoughts on fathering…

“What does fatherhood means to you?”

Francesco Galli Zugaro, Founder and CEO of Aqua Expeditions:

My upbringing and career has fortunately allowed me to allow my kids experience the world with me and witness firsthand the entrepreneurial spirit of adventure that drives me. They are such easy going and engaging kids and I am so very proud of them.


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Executive Chef with his child enjoying a special nap:


Jose Chavez, Skiff Driver about what fatherhood means to him:

It’s a responsibility I take seriously, but it is also about love and being a true friend to my kids.

image003Christian Mendieta, Housekeeper:

I believe that fatherhood is a blessing from God because my children give me the gift of offering love and the priceless opportunity to care for them.


 Golbert Macedo, Driver:

It means to have the wonderful opportunity to learn every day and to show endless love to my kids, just as my father gave to me.


Aldo Flores,Naturalist Guide:

Being a father has been such a privilege yet also a great responsibility. It’s definitely the best thing in my life.


Danny Barrantes, Mechanic:

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to act responsibly forever.


Robin Tananta,Skiff Driver:

It means the precious responsibility to give love to my kids and my wife.


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