Acting Responsibly: Giving Local Communities Improved Access to Clean Water

Clean Drinking Water in Peru

At Aqua Expeditions, we are dedicated to eco-friendly operations that help keep the great rivers of the world clean, for today and for generations to come. In addition, we believe in behaving responsibly as global citizens both by promoting local wildlife conservation efforts and helping to teach local communities about ways to safeguard public health.


With the assistance of the Health Center of Nauta, we have launched a  Healthy Water Project in the native Peruvian community of Puerto Prado, Marañon River in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. In the Amazon, drinking water is collected directly from the rivers, streams and household wells and can be full of clay and microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites. Aqua Expedition’s Healthy Water Project was initiated with the aim to reduce digestive diseases among local villagers that occur from drinking water that is unfit for human consumption.


The pilot project, launched in December 2013, was highly successful and as of March 2015 fourteen water purification kits consisting of three water containers, a filter bag, and purification materials (chlorine and alum) have been donated to families in the community was and one has been donated to the local school.


Here is a video demonstrating how the purification process works:

Aqua Expeditions Launches Clean Drinking Water Project in the Peruvian Amazon

Aqua Expeditions is pleased to partner with local health and education community organizations in our destinations to support efforts to improve public health, environmental  conservation and wildlife preservation.