Creating “WOW!” Moments for our Guests While Cruising the Amazon

After their Amazon cruise, we like to prepare a special send off for our guests at Aqua Expeditions, something we like to call the “WOW Moment”. This very special event is usually held in the low water season on an Amazon River sandbar (as seen below in the photos) or, if we are in high water season, it is held in a village after visiting a local Peruvian school and delivering in-kind donations or public health aid kits.


So how do we create a “WOW Moment”?

As our guests arrive at our location of choice, they are welcomed by a variety of cold drinks and delicious choice of snacks.


Everybody on the Aqua Expeditions team from our cruise gets involved to make this moment special – from the chef to the bartender, the cruise director and all onboard crew members from storage to maintenance. As we enjoy the drinks, snacks and each other’s company, we watch the sun set. This is the perfect opportunity for guests to take photographs which they can treasure forever.

The guides then make a toast thanking our treasured guests for joining us on the Amazon and give a tribute to the land, the river and the natural resources that make Amazonia the very special place we all now know and love. WOW!