Doing Well By Doing Good: Guests Teach Villagers About the Benefits of Battery Recycling

Guests on board the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon have the opportunity to not only visit local Peruvian villages along the banks of the Amazon but also meet villagers and work together with them to help promote environmental conservation.

Every time Aqua Expeditions guests visit a village, we help educate the local children about positive actions they can take to preserve the Amazon. One of these efforts is working with local children from the village of Puerto Miguel where our guests helped teach them about battery care and disposal.

image002This battery recycling initiative is led by Aqua Expedition guides. Aqua Expeditions guests are encouraged to actively participate, teaching children about why conserving the Amazon’s environment is so important through games and sign painting while also keeping them entertained! The sign below, for example, says “Do not throw away batteries in the river!” in Spanish.

And another one teaches  “Put garbage in the bin!”

To ensure the safe disposal of used batteries in the local villages, discarded batteries are all stored together in a safe place and are then taken to Iquitos and Nauta for disposal at the local municipality facility.

Together, Aqua Expeditions guides and guest working with local Peruvians are making a difference, protecting and conserving the fragile and beautiful wildlife habitats and river-based ecosystems surrounding the Amazon River, ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to discover the Peruvian Amazon and all it has to offer – both villagers and visitors alike.