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Why Experiencing the Thrill of Cambodia… Might Just Knock Your Socks Off – Literally!

On a Mekong River cruise on the Aqua Mekong you are lucky to be able to choose from an array of electrifying water-based activities. Kayaking has been a long-time favorite way for our guests to explore the breathtaking Amazon. Now, kayaks are also available on all of our Mekong River cruises. In 2015, the Aqua Mekong launched eight double-kayaks giving guests the opportunity to paddle through various locations in Cambodia. For example, in Oknha Tey, adventure-seekers can paddle to see local silk-weavers at work, or kayak the Moat Khla region by Tonle Sap Lake and/or the waterways of Kampong Chnnang Province.
One of our recent Aqua Mekong thrill-seekers got the ride of her life on a recent kayaking excursion and captured it all on camera! While paddling through the water and getting up close and personal with the Mekong, Stephanie was treated to a view of the river…upside down! Luckily, since Aqua Expeditions takes extra precautions with personal floatation vests, Stephanie and her kayaking friends made it out of the water unharmed and got to return home with the story of a lifetime.
Here’s her recap:
“We had the chance to go out kayaking near a floating village on the Mekong.  It was a good opportunity to get really close up and see just how the locals live. I jumped in the kayak with a new friend that I met on the boat. We were not very experienced kayakers, and steering wasn’t a strong point for us. We got into a little bit of trouble and we were heading straight for a boat. As I didn’t want to hit it, I ducked to the side and my kayaking partner unfortunately did the same thing. Gravity took over and we were quickly in the river!
Our little incident didn’t go un-noticed by the locals. They instantly pulled us both out of the water, onto a floating dock.  I’m sure we were the best entertainment they had all week, it was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh. They were great to help us get upright and on our way again. I think the next time I find myself near the kayaks I’ll take up the offer to sit with one of the guides who can keep me going in a straight line!”

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