Announcing the Launch of New Amazon Cruise Itineraries for 2017 and 2018

7 years ago Amazon

In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we’re launching a new set of itineraries for our Amazon River luxury cruises on the Aria Amazon. With new activities included in our 3- and 4- night Discovery and Explorer cruises, you get double the fun and excitement now in our 7- night Expedition cruise!

Here are some of the new additions which you won’t want to miss on these adventure cruises deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle in Peru and at the headwaters of the mighty Amazon River itself:

Experience guided jungle walks  deep into the wildlife-rich Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Jungle Trekking : Cruise Shore Excursions - Aria Amazon Cruises in Peru

Our itineraries offer a wide range of active excursions twice a day, from photographing wildlife to canoeing to kayaking, swimming and optional biking.

Amazon Luxury Cruises: Kayaking & Swimming in the Amazon River

In the evening, enjoy movie night in our indoor lounge complete with your own bowl of popcorn and a favorite drink.

Or get up to speed on the many constellations you can see in the Southern Hemisphere using the “Sky Guide” app on our complimentary on board iPads and our high tech telescope on our upper deck.

And for the really adventurous, join a night excursion by skiff to spot nocturnal wildlife and listen to the sounds of the night jungle “up close and personal.”

On your last evening on board, enjoy a special farewell celebration with Happy Hour and live music in our air-conditioned indoor lounge before your gourmet dinner.

Aria Amazon Luxury Cruises : Evening Live Music Performances On Board

We feel very privileged to host our guests on the Peruvian Amazon. How many places can you travel where few have ever been and with such luxury accommodations, 5-star cuisine and the highest levels of guest service?

For detailed information on our day-by-day itineraries please go to our three-, four-, and seven- night Aria Amazon Cruises dedicated pages.

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