The Top Five Reasons to Travel to the Peruvian Amazon NOW

8 years ago Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon has always been a magnet for travelers interested in a unique region with high levels of biodiversity, indigenous cultures and jungles untouched by civilization as we know it. The Pacaya Samiria Reserve alone makes this destination a favorite for those eco-tourists who cherish nature at its finest. But there are at least five compelling reasons why a vacation to Peru’s Amazon should be at the top of your bucket list NOW.


Reason # 1: Meet endangered wildlife and indigenous cultures – while you still can.

The remoteness of the Peruvian Amazon’s rainforests and tributaries make most of this area virtually inaccessible other than by boat. Because of this, wildlife thrives and Amazon River cultures, traditions and lifestyles have been largely preserved within the local community. But with climate change, loss of habitat due to deforestation, overharvesting (fishing for example) and the introduction of invasive species and wildlife trafficking, several species of wildlife are increasingly at risk – pink river dolphins, harpy eagles and the jaguar – among others. Now is the time to plan a trip to this unique area if you want to enjoy these precious natural treasures.


 Reason #2: Experience biodiversity beyond your dreams.

Only in the Amazon can you find wildlife, birds, plants and flowers seen nowhere else on earth.  Peru has the largest number of bird species in the world and the third-largest number of mammals with 44% of all bird species and 63% of all mammal species inhabiting the Peruvian Amazon. If you love birds, wildlife and botany, this is the place for you. Our naturalist guides are experts on all things Amazon animal and plant related and will happily help educate you about the behaviors, feeding and mating habits of the flora and fauna which make the Amazon River and jungles their home.





Reason #3: Travel and relax in comfort and luxury like never before

If you want to “check out”, unplug and unwind, the Peruvian Amazon is a great place to do it. We don’t have an internet connection on our boats because there are few satellite connections available in this remote a region. That’s a good thing. And why would you want to be online when you could be relaxing in our outdoor pool, sipping a pisco sour or having a massage anyway? Naps are encouraged in our contemporary designed suites outfitted with the finest bed linens, floor to ceiling river views and total privacy. Zzzzzz….





Reason #4: Get involved. Experience wildlife protection and conservation in action.

At Aqua Expeditions, we “walk the walk” and don’t just “talk the talk” about helping our local communities especially when it comes to wildlife preservation, conservation and even promoting clean water quality. Our work restoring taricaya turtle populations, releasing manatees into the Amazon’s waterways to help reduce the prevalence of algae-enhancing local fish stocks and our projects supporting local educational programs we proudly stand behind. Many of our guests enjoy actively engaging and philanthropically supporting this work.


Reason #5: The Zika virus should not deter you from coming. Get the facts!

Unless you are planning getting pregnant, travelers should heed the CDC’s recommendations which clearly articulate why no travel bans have been issued to areas where Zika infections have occurred. We have taken a number of steps to ensure that our guests minimize their exposure to mosquitos while on our excursions and our fully air-conditioned cruise ships protect everyone from the risk of infection while on board.

If those aren’t reasons enough, here’s what you just might be missing if you don’t put the Peruvian Amazon at the top of your bucket list:

If you’ve already been on the Aqua Amazon or Aria Amazon, perhaps you’ve got reasons number 6 and 7. We’d love to hear about those on Facebook!