Our “Vlog” : Amazon River Peruvian Cruises – Jump On In!

7 years ago Amazon, Nature

To celebrate the launch of our new Amazon River cruise itineraries, we thought you might like to tune-in to our video stories featuring our favorite activities on our Amazon river cruises.

We hope you enjoy these!

Fishing for piranhas:

Fishing for Piranha in the Peruvian Amazon: Cruise Excursions

Cooking classes with our on-board Chef:

Master Cooking Classes : Aria Amazon Cruises in the Peruvian Amazon

Visiting local villages and learning about our philanthropic programs:

Aria Amazon Cruises: Visiting Villages in Peru's Amazon

Sundowner at sunset in the Amazon:

Luxury Cruises in Peru's Amazon: Enjoy A Sundowner at Sunset

Rainforest walks photographing Amazon animals:

Amazon Jungle Trekking : Cruise Shore Excursions - Aria Amazon Cruises in Peru

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