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Aqua Expeditions Launches Gourmet Peruvian Cookbook From the Kitchens of Aqua Expeditions

8 years ago Delicious Cuisine

As the gastronomy industry booms in Peru, Aqua Expeditions is excited to announce the launch of a gourmet Peruvian cookbook designed by the company’s executive chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

Chef Schiaffino’s interest in food began at the young age of thirteen, while helping his father on their family farm.  He eventually opened his own Peruvian style restaurant, which prompted CEO of Aqua Expeditions, Francesco Galli Zugaro, to seek his help with the cuisine aboard the M/V Aqua and the M/V Aria.

Because Chef Schiaffino’s cuisine is so heavily influenced by Amazonian produce, it was a natural fit for Aqua Expeditions, whose vessels traverse remote areas of the Amazon River. Schiaffinio prepares most of his dishes using only the freshest local ingredients instilling five-star quality and taste.

The cookbook, From the Kitchens of Aqua Expeditions, offers exclusive interviews with Chef Schiaffino, himself, along with additional famous chefs, restaurateurs, and others who have been on board the first vessel, the M/V Aqua.

“I am very impressed by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino… I’m about double his age, and I can tell that he will change how Peruvian cuisine is perceived throughout the world,” says highly influential chef and restaurateur, Nobu Matsuhisa.

The cookbook includes a plethora of Chef Schiaffino’s Amazonian and Peruvian recipes, from cocktails and starters to main dishes and desserts.  Chef Schiaffino uses flavors from the jungle to perfect each dish that he creates.  His main ingredients include sofrito, turmeric and sachaculantro, along with garlic and onions.

The cookbook will be available for purchase aboard the boats as well as