Aqua Expeditions Welcomes Chef and Restaurateur Bobby Chin aboard the Aria Amazon

In late October 2012, Aqua Expeditions was pleased to welcome esteemed Chef Bobby Chin aboard the Aria Amazon as part of his ‘World Café’ TV series.

Bobby and his team joined the Aria for a five-night cruise where they were able to experience the natural wonder of the Amazon, meet some of the locals and sample the delicious regional dishes such as tiger prawn céviche and pisco sours.

The series showcases culture and cuisine, regional ingredients, local food personalities and the country’s unforgettable hotspots. Aqua Expeditions’ passion for the Amazon and for promoting Peruvian dining made us an ideal choice to work with as they looked to film their latest guide to Peru.


The 50-minute television programme aired in 2013 and included recipes from some of Peru’s top chefs as well as from Bobby Chin himself.