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Taste of Aqua Blu: Fusion Indonesian Recipes to Make At Home


While you’re dreaming of escaping to the remote waters of the East Indonesia archipelago aboard Aqua Blu, how about bringing its exotic flavors to you? We head to Bali to join Consultant Chef Benjamin Cross for #CookingWithAqua Masterclass Series, with his fusion take on classic Indonesian recipes for bekedil, a sweet corn fritter snack that is perfect for any time of day, and ikan with sambal dabu-dabu, a fish dish with spicy chili condiment hailing from the island of Sulawesi.


Aqua Masterclass Series with Chef Benjamin Cross


Having built an impressive career over two decades (Tom Colicchio’s Craft in New York, Seamus Mullen’s Tertullia New York, and Santi Santamaria’s three-Michelin star restaurant Can Fabes in Sant Celoni, Catalonia) to become one of Indonesia’s most prominent culinary professional and successful restaurateur (Mejekawi, Hank’s Pizza & Liquor, Fishbone Local, Mason, and The Back Room), Chef Cross brings his unique ‘simple’ and ‘unpretentious’ fusion style to our Indonesia cruises, paring his menus back to essentials, distilling them into its purest form. With a focus on top-quality ingredients, Chef Cross offers a creative interpretation but preserves the original Indonesian recipes in their distinct qualities, allowing each element to stand out for themselves.


L: Chef Ben Cross aboard Aqua Blu R: Download recipe card here


Want more of our Aqua Blu recipes? Read on for more as we share a selection of easy-to-make Aqua Blu recipes from the over 160 fresh recipes Cross has created that incorporates the variety of Indonesia’s spices and flavors, taking diners on a culinary journey of the region.


Download the recipe cards for Gazpacho Soup, Salmon Crudo, Tabouli Salad and Tuna Ceviche


With a short list of simple ingredients and the guidance of our experienced chefs, this is the perfect opportunity to learn something new. Food aboard the Aqua Blu is served family-style, authentic to the region’s traditions. Let us know if you add these exotic additions to your culinary repertoire and tag us at @aqua_expeditions on Instagram!



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