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Pantone’s Classic Blue-Inspired Top Travel Experiences

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Move over ‘Living Coral’! Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year has officially been announced and we think it’s the perfect color to take us into the new decade.


Suggestive of the infinite shade of the twilight sky and the contemplative color of the ocean, Classic Blue is a traveler’s dream – instilling an instant sense of calmness and yearning for serendipitous exploration.


Now admittedly, we may be a little biased following the recent launch of our first-ever coastal ship, Aqua Blu, so named for its dedicated exploration of the vast blue shades of Indonesia’s last frontier. We can’t help but think Classic Blue is the color’s most travel-friendly hue, so we’ve rounded up five places where you can drift into a worldwide dreamscape of this particular shade.


Pantone Collage

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue



1. Indonesia’s History of Blue

Indonesia has a deep, spiritual connection with blue. The color was the country’s lifeblood for centuries, home to the cultivation of the indigo plant and the creation of myriad blue dyes that were then shipped back to Europe from the 16th century onwards. Today, this connection continues as Aqua Blu explores Indonesia’s most remote corners in search of hidden natural treasures.


One such treasure is ‘The Blue River’ in the West Papua region of Raja Ampat, which is quite possibly one of the most extraordinary places to swim on the planet. A natural wonder, the Kali Biru River was formed when an earthquake in 1911 triggered a landslide, creating a natural dam. Tucked away amongst the island’s dense vegetation, this secluded spot is well worth the trek just to take a plunge in its cold, rejuvenating waters!



2. Cambodia’s Iridescent Silks

The art of silk weaving has long been a part of Cambodia’s history, passed down for generations since the pre-Angkorian times. While elsewhere in the world, silk weavers have moved on to newer methods and synthetic colorings, Koh Dach (or Silk Island), is one of the few remaining places which still uses more traditional methods – harvesting silk from silkworms and hand-dying textiles with natural dyes such as plums, moss, green tea, coconut husks, indigo, and sunflowers, before weaving it on massive wooden looms.


3. The Amazon’s Animal Kingdom

Whether soaring the open skies or scurrying across the jungle floor, the Amazon is brimming with colorful species that are just waiting for you to discover. From well-known varieties such as the blue and gold Macaw, to its more mischievous residents like the blue poison dart frog, seeing the Amazon rainforest’s vibrant inhabitants will be the blue-hued cherry on top of your next trip to Peru!


Amazon Macaw


4. Dive the Big Blue

Color takes on new meaning in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat – one of the best dive destinations in the world. Harness your inner Cousteau and explore the warm clear blue waters, polychromatic coral reefs (more than 600 species) and abundant sea life, from dinky seahorses to impressive manta rays. On dry land, Raja Ampat’s black volcanic peaks tower above bounteous stretches of silver white and gold shoreline. Nature here is at its best, with a mood-enhancing palette that lifts our senses. Who needs color therapy?


Manta Rays

5. Blue for Community

The color blue in Cambodia – as seen in the national flag – represents unity amongst its people. You’ll find the vivid blues which dot countless floating villages contrast against the deep ochre of the Tonle Sap Lake, a mass expanse of water that runs along the Lower Mekong Basin. You can experience this sense of unity and community first-hand as part of our itinerary aboard the luxurious Aqua Mekong.


Floating Villages


Still not feeling inspired by this year’s trending color palette? Fear not, as we have something for everyone, including the blue naysayers – cue the Amazon’s pink dolphins! Discover more about our award-winning vessels and world-class itineraries.