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How to Make 2021 Your Year of Travel

4 years ago Experiences

If ever a year needed a reboot, it would be 2020. Since there is no actual way of doing that, we can look to better things by planning for the year ahead. Now is the time to organize a reunion with families and friends, or even check off that bucket list destination. It’s only a matter of time before travel resumes an important role in our lives once again, so here are our six tips for making 2021 count.



1. Reunited and it feels so good

There is no doubt that a new travel reality has emerged. But it can be a positive experience, because of the value that is now placed on the freedom to roam. Vacations take on a different tenor, no longer merely fleeting moments but opportunities to connect with loved ones. Private charters and multi-generational family trips are the perfect ways to ensure an exclusive and secure mode of traveling, with health and safety topping the list of priorities. Read all about our commitment to ensuring your wellbeing on our expeditions here.


2. Quality over quantity

It’s time to splash out and fulfill all those travel dreams. Perhaps it’s that mystical jungle exploration deep in the Amazon, a rare whale shark sighting in the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat, or learning to whip up an exotic meal on the mighty Mekong river? Whatever your travel goals, there isn’t time to waste or standards to lower. You deserve to spoil yourself after the year you’ve had, so lie back and indulge in the warm personalized service and understated luxury, amid plenty of aesthetically-pleasing spaces as you sail to locales far from the usual touristy crowds.



3. Do your research

It goes without saying that a year of missed traveling opportunities has created circumstances where consumers gain the upper hand. Most airlines, travel agents, accommodations, and travel companies have waived change fees and are extending flexible booking terms and conditions, so why not make use of this by snapping up time-sensitive promotions in order to experience a trip of a lifetime for greater value. Speaking of which, why not treat yourself to our Early Bird Bonus to receive 20% off by booking now (we also have an 18-month flexible rebooking policy).


4. Avoid the rush

While you’re using this time to research all the best options, it would be advisable not to wait too long. When international borders are finally lifted, the last thing you want is to be stuck jostling for deals like everyone else. Once the travel and hospitality industries recover, crowds and high prices will inevitably become the norm. Alternatively, do something out of the ordinary and travel to remote locations like the exotic Mekong delta, deep in the Amazon rainforest, or in nature’s last untouched frontier of the Eastern Indonesian archipelago.



5. Take your time

Gone are the days of quick weekend trips, thanks to more stringent travel and health regulations. At a time when a global health crisis has created testing measures and obligatory quarantine to counter infection, traveling requires commitment and longer periods of discovery in order to make a trip worthwhile. Instead of jet-setting over a long weekend, travelers will want to get away for two or three weeks at a time to make full use of their accumulated leave, as well as their valuable travel time. Specially-curated itineraries such as our 7- and 12-night private charters can cater to that demand, inclusive of award-winning cuisine, personalized excursions, airport pickups, and equipment.



6. Make it meaningful

Because you are traveling for a greater stretch of time, there will be an urge to make every precious moment count. Spending a longer time exploring a destination means you are able to make a deeper connection with the nature and culture of the places you visit. Aqua Expeditions has always been about providing our guests with the opportunity to cultivate an authentic relation to the beautiful destinations we operate and explore in, whether it is through our knowledgeable expert guides, the ship crew, or the excursions we embark upon.



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