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Unforgettable Biking Vacations Along the Mekong and Peruvian Amazon

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While the term ‘cruise’ may conjure the image of a relaxed and sedentary holiday, we can assure our guests that Aqua Expeditions itineraries are anything but. Make no mistake, voyagers will be able to choose their comfort level – whether it is lazing out on the upper pool deck all day sipping on fresh cocktails or joining in on a 15-kilometer bike ride.


Cycling adventures

Each Aqua Expeditions bicycle excursion is personally curated and led by expert English-speaking guides in ease and comfort. Daily activities are highly customized according to each guest’s fitness and taste for adventure, as well as adapted to individual interests and pace. Bike tours are a great way to get around at each port of call to explore the lay of the land. Maintaining a maximum of 10 guests per excursion allows for strong interaction with our passionate local guides, providing a highly educational and engaging touring experience.



It may not be the biking vacation hardcore cyclists may expect, but guests should be prepared for a certain element of action involved. Because we travel into remote destinations, far removed from crowded areas and tourist attractions, we can dive deeper into places which focus on nature, wildlife and even lesser-known or forgotten cultures.



Benefits of biking vacations

Combining travel and culture with physical activity within natural locales is one of the ways that Aqua Expeditions redefines the outdated opinion of cruises as an idle method of traveling. On any of our Mekong river cruise and Peruvian Amazon itineraries, there is the option of walking, kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, with added diving and snorkeling in East Indonesia to stay active.



A cycling vacation is not as challenging as most other exercises but reaps many benefits for riders. It is much easier on the legs, ankles, knees, and feet than running as it is gentle on the joints. Along with providing an aerobic workout which is great for the heart, brain, and blood vessels, while triggering the release of endorphins. Other benefits include improvement of posture and balance, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, as well as flexibility and muscle strength. To top it all off, bike tours are an eco-friendly way of exploring the area, allowing much greater freedom of movement in a way normal transportation might not permit. Better yet, it is a fun activity to do for all levels, as a family or in a group!


Discover the past

Cycling is such a popular way of discovering daily life in the riverside community of Nauta that we decided to offer our guests the opportunity to unveil its charm, on Day 4 of our 7-night Peruvian Amazon river expedition. A classical Peruvian town in the north-eastern part of Loreto Province, Nauta is located on the north bank of the Marañón River, south of Iquitos and just a few miles from the confluence of the Río Ucayali. As guests hop on any of the ten bikes available to them, our guides will show off traditional Peruvian houses and laidback river life on this two-hour tour, as well as provide you with plenty of opportunities to shop for unique Peruvian and Amazonia souvenirs while cycling along a major tributary of the Upper Amazon.



Perhaps it will give you a taste for more exciting two-wheeled adventures, something you might not want to miss since Peru is home to some of the most spectacular mountain terrain in the world! If you are so inclined, we would recommend a stunning biking vacation to the archaeological sites of the Sacred Valley – making for a perfect combination before or after a wildlife discovery on the Amazon river.


Known for its lush rolling hills and ominous Andean peaks, the area offers a glimpse into ancient Peruvian history thanks to its spectacular ruins, citadels, and fortresses such as the Ollantaytambo ruins, Pisac terraces, Salinas de Maras, or even the Tambomachay aqueducts. If you’re short for time, why not head off for a relaxing cycling excursion along Lima’s coastal barrios? We suggest taking in the spectacular views of the coast at the seaside suburbs of Chorillos, Miraflores, and Barranco.


Miraflores Lima Peru skyline


Explore the Mekong on two wheels

Aside from riding in tuk-tuks, the undulating elevation of the Mekong countryside is perfect for cycling. On the Aqua Mekong, guided cycling excursions are available from Day 2 of the expedition up until the penultimate day. Top-of-the-line, all-terrain Cannondale bicycles sail with the ship, able to cater to all levels, as well as tackle any terrain in comfort and safety. No two bicycling tours in an itinerary are the same, so guests get to experience a different slice of Mekong life and culture with every ride.



Our complimentary bikes are a unique way to explore the picturesque landscape and observe the exotic rituals of daily life along the mighty Mekong. The guided biking tours afford the opportunity to stop serendipitously, whether it is to photograph catfish vendors, watch the planting of rice paddies, or share in the joy of local children playing with the family’s domesticated water buffalo.



Available for both adults and children, Aqua Mekong’s touring bikes can take you across flat paved roads and dirt trails that run along the river while discovering local village life. Passengers have the option of cycling eight to 15-kilometer cycling routes, ensuring any gluttony aboard and ashore is burned right off. Serendipity may lead you to say hello to a saffron-robed monk, photograph stilted Khmer houses and ornately embellished pagodas, or perhaps enjoy an invitation from a new friend to dine in their nearby home.



While the busy Vietnamese streets of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Hoi An offer no shortage of excitement, a favorite, and more relaxing, route on our Cambodia itinerary is at Binh Thanh Island. Guests can go on an invigorating morning ride to experience an eight or 11-kilometer cycle to observe village life at its most authentic. Here, you will get the chance to visit communities that make a living through fish farms, fruit and vegetable gardens, and growing water hyacinths. Alternatively, get your fill of local art as you bike through the charming lanes of Cai Be, where small art galleries and centuries-old courtyard houses are open for visits or even explore the sprawling temple complex of Angkor Wat once you have disembarked our ship. Whatever you choose, cycling is a perfect way for staying fit while on holiday and simultaneously connecting with nature!



Onboard all Aqua Expeditions journeys, guests are guaranteed 1:1 tour guide to guest ratio. All excursions are fully inclusive and will be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides. Find out more about our 2021 and 2022 expeditions now.