Aqua Expeditions Celebrates Nine Years “Behind the Wheel”

March 15, 2016 marks our ninth birthday as Aqua Expeditions. From our launch in 2007, we’ve grown in leaps and bounds, hosting a loyal following of wonderful  passengers on our cruises, building new cruise ships, adding destinations, adding new members to our team of talented professionals and opening new offices.  And we plan to continue on this same successful  trajectory. Where will we go next? Stay tuned!

In February 2016, we ushered in the new year by hosting our first Global Summit in Lima, Peru which gathered together our leadership team at the company – from near and far.

Francesco Galli Zugaro, Founder and CEO and our fearless leader at the company notes:

“I am often asked to state my “WHY” I started Aqua Expeditions. That dream and vision I had a few years ago to deliver a world-class expedition experience on one of the world’s new frontiers was the beginning of what Aqua Expeditions is today. However that personal “WHY” has now evolved to become a “WHY” of a group of innovative leaders that have come together to deliver on what is today a Market Maker in the world of small ship expedition cruising. Last month, I had the honor of presiding over our first ever Global Summit in Lima, Peru and this three day leadership event only confirmed what a unique group of human  TALENT we have. The years ahead are exciting and we are eager to deliver on more exciting destinations and guest experiences. I am proud to introduce to you the team behind our Aqua Expeditions’ dream team.”

Congratulations Aqua team!