Celebrating Mothers: An Accountant Adds Up the Love

8 years ago Just For Fun

It’s May, so once again, we celebrate our mothers at Aqua Expeditions. Sheetal Kashid is our Accountant in our Singapore Office and has two boys, ages 6 and 10. Her personal story shows that sometimes accountants can add up more than just the numbers. They also know how to add up the love for and by their children.

I would say becoming a mother is the toughest job you will ever “love”

“It’s tough because you have to be very mindful when behaving in front of your children as for them, their mother is their first critical teacher. But then there is a unique kind of happiness you experience seeing your children grow and gain core values like honesty, justice, determination, consideration, love, etc. That’s why motherhood is the toughest job yet you will also always love being a mother.”


How do you balance family life and work?

My strict formula is weekdays = mainly work and weekends = only family

“Every evening (after leaving the Aqua Expeditions office) I spend time with my children listening to their stories about their daily activities, helping with their homework, etc. Generally on weekends I cook a variety of dishes for my family. I also try to visit new places with them and spend time doing things with them that they want to do.”


On the balance between work and parenting…

“There are many lessons we learn on our job everyday which evolve around core values like responsibility, maintaining high and consistent standards in what you do, consideration, honesty (just to name few).

And I see Aqua Expeditions company values very aligned with the core-values which help everyone succeed in their lives. I strongly encourage my children to learn those values and wherever possible point out to them good examples I encounter around me.”


I never miss any opportunity to take pictures with my children when we go outside as I believe pictures are made to cherish memories. The picture I am sharing is one from our weekend’s outings.