Celebrating Mothers: A Cruise Director and Chef, Psychologist, Teacher and Nurse

8 years ago Just For Fun

Meet Carolina Jimenez, Cruise Director for the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon in Peru and mother of Catalina and Santiago.

“Motherhood is the best gift that God has given to me, because not only did I become stronger myself, but also it also made me feel an infinite love that I didn’t really believe existed.”

To be a mother makes you into a teacher, a nurse, a chef, a psychologist, so many things.

On balancing life and work…

“Work is part of my life and my kids know the value of the work I do. When I am on my days off, during my free time, I spend all that time with my daughter. During the week, getting her ready for school, lunchtime, doing homework and getting her to sleep at night are all part of my favorite job.”


The values she uses as guideposts for her children…

I teach my kids as they grow up with values that respect other human beings so that they know about the importance of taking care of our big home, the earth.