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Celebrating Mothers: A Sales & Marketing Director and a Mentor

8 years ago Just For Fun

Milly Alva Haimberger is Global Director of Sales and Marketing and mother of two little girls, Nicole and Samantha.  Here’s what this busy, globe-trotting, upbeat mother has to say about managing her life on the road and at home…

Being a mother is the best job in the world!! It is usually complete chaos… but also full of joy!!

On balancing family life and the many demands of a 24/7 job:

“My job is part of my family and my family is part of my job! So there is just one world here! My girls can sell river cruises just like me… No doubt!”


On the link between company values and what she teaches her two daughters:

“The values of quality, that personal touch, taking responsibility but mainly… caring! We care about our clients, our colleagues, the product, and we care about Aqua Expeditions, the company. This is what I try to provide as examples to my kids. So far, so good!”

Nikky surprised me the other day with her own logo for Aqua Expeditions… what do you think?