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Spotlight on Aqua Expeditions Guides: Visoth San and George Davila

7 years ago Just For Fun

One of the many reasons to come on a cruise with Aqua Expeditions is who you will meet on board our cruise ships. Our guests of course are unique and diverse, cultured and well-traveled. But a close second are our incredible adventure travel guides. They are experienced, talented, intelligent and caring, taking every possible moment to help educate you about the history, local traditions, cultures and religions, wildlife and political realities within our destinations. Here are two we want to spotlight this month…

Visoth San: A Proud Cambodian

Visoth San

Aqua Expeditions’ Mekong Guide Visoth San

Born in 1984 to diplomats with missions posting them in Europe, Visoth San’s birthplace was not Cambodia but in the heart of Europe – Prague, Czechoslovakia. Moving to Cambodia while in his childhood, Visoth grew proud to be a Khmer with the balance of his life and memories in beautiful Cambodia. His education was in the city of Phnom Penh where he pursued a degree in computer science as well as learned several languages including French, English, Thai, Lao and Vietnamese. With his passion and love for Cambodia and the Cambodian people and encouraged by his wife and father-in-law, Visoth decided join the country’s growing tourism industry, allowing him to travel extensively within Cambodia, neighboring countries and other Asian countries. After more than a decade in the travel and hospitality industry and 12 years honing his deep knowledge of the Mekong, Visoth decided to join Aqua Expeditions.

George Davila: Amazon Photographer Extraordinaire 

Our guide George Davila is one of our treasures at Aqua Expeditions. A conservationist, photographer, local icon and a friendly guy who just loves to laugh, you couldn’t ask for a better person to represent us in the Peruvian Amazon. Here is his story…


Aqua Expeditions’ Amazon Guide George Davila

“I was born and raised in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. I dedicated myself to fish and gather as a child. I lived and studied in a village of 20 families known as Buenos Aires, down the Amazon River. My parents are fishing and farming until today. On summer vacation I used to work for an Amazon research center near my village as a trail maker.  At age 16, I went to live, study and work in Iquitos. I studied ecology related to ornithology and herpetology and then learned English. I am currently a naturalist guide at Aqua Expeditions, I am married and my wife and I have two beautiful daughters. I also dedicate myself helping our customers to understand nature and how to have fun in this amazing ecosystem cruising aboard the Aria Amazon.”