What’s Considered “Funny” Where YOU Live?

8 years ago Just For Fun, Local Lore

All over the world, different cultures express humor in all sorts of different ways. What’s considered “funny” internationally can vary from plays on words to manners of dress to cultural habits. At Aqua Expeditions, we respect all cultures and love learning about their unique traditions. When we asked the question to our team, “what’s considered funny where you live?” one Peruvian tradition celebrated every February for Lima’s Carnival rose to the top of our list!


Photo courtesy of Peruthisweek.com

In Lima, the month-long celebration of Carnival has historically been linked to a city-wide tradition of throwing water and paint at both friends and strangers. Dating back to the 1700s, this tradition originated by Limeños grabbing handfuls of mud and pots of perfumed water to launch at each other at unsuspecting moments.


Photo courtesy of blog.intiways.travel

Today, the government in Lima discourages this practice but despite their efforts, the fun continues mostly in the poorer neighborhoods of Lima and especially among the younger generation as festival goers grab water guns and water balloons to pelt passersby or try to dump them into inflatable pools along the parade route. A refreshing splash in the heat of the Peruvian summer!