Cruise East Indonesia: Top 5 highlights of West Papua and Asmat

3 weeks ago Indonesia

In November 2025 Aqua Blu will venture for the very first time into the vibrant but remote West Papua and Asmat region for a set of brand new itineraries in East Indonesia. Choose from bespoke seven and 12-night sailing expeditions that will voyage largely uncharted waters, with opportunities to snorkel alongside gentle whale sharks, visit fascinating indigenous tribes, and explore spectacular, hidden jungle waterfalls. 


Explore Kaimana town 

west papua and asmat - limestone karst


Begin your West Papua & Asmat Tribe Expedition with a warm welcome from our team in Kaimana, a vibrant port town that acts as the capital of the Kaimana Regency – a collection of 500 separate offshore islands. Here you’ll find ancient cliff rock art, palm fringed beaches, limestone karst islands and access to world-renowned dive sites. 


slow roasted beef rib rendang


Board Aqua Blu and enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner onboard, curated by famed Australian chef and Bali restaurateur Benjamin Cross. Drawing inspiration from Indonesian, European and Mediterranean cuisines, Chef Cross has crafted recipes that incorporate a variety of Indonesia’s spices and flavors, providing an insight into the gastronomic traditions and history of the region. 


Bid farewell to the harbor and begin an unforgettable voyage of cultural discovery and marine adventure. 


Meet the Asmat tribe

asmat tribe


Discover the fascinating tribal groups of the Asmat region who have inhabited the swampy mangrove forests of the remote southwest coast of Papua for thousands of years. Board private speedboats to venture deep into peaceful waterways and thick jungles to visit traditional villages. 


asmat tribe woodwork


Here you’ll gain a deeper insight into the daily lives and ancient customs of these once feared tribespeople. Along with our expert guides, visit the Asmat tribe’s communal houses, which serve as the center of their social, religious and political life. Observe the tribe’s rich cultural heritage, including native dance and exquisite arts and crafts. The Asmat tribes are considered among the world’s most skilled woodworkers.   


Swim at Momon’s Kitikiti Waterfall

Momon’s spectacular Kitikiti waterfall is a jewel waiting to be discovered in the Nusalasi Bay Coastal Park Conservation Area of West Papua. The waterfall stems from a large river that originates in the highlands of the Papuan jungle. As it moves downstream, the river becomes a breathtaking natural waterfall that plunges directly into the ocean from the soaring emerald mountains above. 


west papua and asmat - kiti kiti


Adventurous guests can take a dip in the clear, cool waters, swimming to the waterfall’s natural plunge pool for a refreshing rainwater shower. Momon is also known for excellent snorkeling and kayaking spots along the jungle-fringed shoreline. Wildlife enthusiasts may spot exotic hornbills and endemic tree kangaroos in the rainforest areas.


  Cape Papisol and the Bomberai Peninsula

west papua and asmat


Over on Cape Papisol, guests can embark on a stunning up-river hike. Starting from the island’s magnificent white-sand beaches and the trail winds through lush, verdant forest for a stunning panoramic view of the Bomberai Peninsula, also known as the Bird’s Beak Peninsula for its distinct avian shape. 


This ecologically-rich area is home to over 300 bird species, tree kangaroos, birds of paradise, and the endangered leatherback turtle, which nests on the pristine beaches. Visit a spectacular, thundering waterfall close to the Karawawi village that soars over 130 meters high and offers an enchanting micro-weather system. The gusty mist is created by the powerful river tumbling from high above onto a rocky pool. 


Swim with whale sharks at Triton Bay 

west papua and asmat - whale sharks


Head out early in the morning for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks in the clear indigo waters of West Papua’s Triton Bay. These gentle giants of the sea are attracted to the schools of bait fish that are caught underneath bagans – traditional Indonesian fishing platforms. 


Local fisherman have developed a fascinating, symbiotic relationship with these curious marine animals – known for their friendly behavior. This region also features sublime, uncrowded dive sites, home to a wealth of rare, endemic marine life and reefs decorated with flourishing soft coral that are considered the best in the world. Triton Bay is part of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area, which encompasses 6,000 square meters of rare and remarkable aquatic treasures.   


Join Aqua Blu’s newest Indonesian explorations into the unexplored regions of West Papua and Asmat to swim with gentle whale sharks, meet ancient tribespeople, and hike into verdant jungle interiors where hidden waterfalls await.