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Six Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

3 years ago Culture, Indonesia

Wishing to spend an inspiring family vacation focused on active quality time with your loved ones?  Fancy a getaway from your typical festive routine every year? If you have dreamt about floating above turquoise waters as you forget the rest of the world, or indulge in some of the best land-to-sea experiences on a luxury coastal cruise yacht, this one is for you.


Plan a family get-together to build lifetime memories for your 2020 Christmas and New Year’s on board the Aqua Blu as you explore the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago. We show you six ways to make that dream a reality.


Manta Ray


Dive deep and forget your worries

Snorkeling is a highly rewarding activity and a fun way to bond with your partner or children . We’ll stop along the sandy coastline of Cape Kri before a short cruise to a dive site that holds the world record of 374 different species spotted in a single 90-minute dive. The reef itself is deep, so be prepared to spend a lot of time looking down into the blue as you get mesmerized and inspired to explore the possibilities the new year has to offer.


Find pearls of wisdom at a visit to the pearl farm at Aljui Bay

Learn the delicate process of cultivating pearls out of oysters at this facility. Be charmed by the process and experience for yourself how some of the world’s best South Sea pearls have come about. There’s also the opportunity for you to purchase loose pearls from the gift shop afterward as a souvenir to take home. Just around the corner, you’ll find yourself in a local village – one of the best ways to experience the local culture. They don’t receive tourists very often so when they do, you’ll be sure to be greeted with smiles and eyes of wonder.


Raja Ampat Villagers


Capture your favorite memories together from the iconic top of Mount Pindito

A bird’s eye view of the stunning surroundings at Mount Pindito – the top of a limestone peak – is what you will get and that’s also one of the best spots for you to catch a glimpse of the rare birds of paradise. An estimated half an hour hike (or 20 minutes for the fit ones!) rewards you with a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding limestone islets, lagoons, and vast ocean.


Dream, do, discover – explore hidden lagoons

Once you’ve taken in the bird’s eye view, you’ll want a taste of the real deal. At Pulau Pef, is where you’ll get the chance to explore hidden lagoons and karst limestone islets aboard our tenders or kayaks. Picture a gorgeous spectacle of karst islets, towering cones. Kayak through a cave at low tide, paddleboard above turquoise green waters, or take it all in on foot in one of the visits to a bat cave.


Raja Ampat Islets


Celebrate onboard with a world-class meal by Chef Benjamin Cross

A delightful meal is a must to celebrate festivals, even when onboard a luxury cruise! A special multi-course meal is prepared exclusively to treat and entice your taste buds by Consulting Chef of Aqua Blu – Benjamin Cross. With local ingredients sourced primarily from Bali and East Indonesia, including indigenous spices such as nutmeg and cloves as well as a wealth of seafood such as giant prawns, sustainably sourced from the Indonesian seas, Chef Cross promises you an unforgettable holiday menu inspired by flavors from Asia to the Middle East. This year’s special includes a slow-cooked lamb, confit in pure olive oil, and simmered in a mix of 11 rich spices, roasted until it caramelizes just perfectly on the outside. Also on the dinner spread are delights including frothy sweet corn soup, made using a local variety of sweet corn, slowly cooked in aromatic stock; as well as a raw beetroot salad with raisins soaked in local black tea and soft pearl barley.


Celebrate good times, come on!

Where there’s Christmas and New Year’s, you can’t miss out on a little celebration. Whether on one of the soft, sandy shorelines with curated craft cocktails by Proof &Co. or on our sundeck admiring the endless starry skies, be prepared for a surprise that’ll have you sashaying in your party wear through the night.


Onboard all Aqua Expeditions journeys, guests are guaranteed 1:1 tour guide to guest ratio. All excursions are fully inclusive and will be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides. Read more about the experience on the Aqua Blu on this blog here. The 7-night voyage takes you from Sorong into Raja Ampat from USD$7,525 per person. Book here for your 2020/2021 Christmas and New Year’s journey.