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Aqua Mekong Cruises: Founder-Hosted Departure with Francesco Galli Zugaro

8 years ago Mekong

Dear Aqua Friend,

Travel moves us and inspires all of us. I got into this business because of this and for the tremendous sense of adventure that I feel when exploring remote parts of our world. 

I am writing to you because I wanted to share with you a great week I had on board last week on the Aqua Mekong.

For the past 10 years I have had the privilege of not only building something that people aspire to experience but something that I am very proud of.  Recently, I have had the honor of hosting my first Founder Departure on the Aqua Mekong. I was accompanied by avid Aqua fans including some  of our spectacular past guests. The week on board the Mekong allowed me to share my story and the story of those behind the success of Aqua Expeditions. It allowed me to showcase and relay to others the challenges and opportunity of providing world-class service in remote distant locations and the talented team that assures that seamless guest experience.

Here is a short video clip of our adventures last week. 

Aqua Mekong Cruises: Founder-Hosted Departures with Francesco Galli Zugaro

I have another Hosted Departure on our Aria Amazon later this year in November 2016 and will soon announce our 2017 Hosted Departure Dates. 

I sincerely thank you for your having supported Aqua Expeditions. Next year marks our 10 year anniversary and I hope to see some of you again on one of our iconic rivers. 

A presto,

Francesco Galli Zugaro

CEO and Founder, Aqua Expeditions