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Family Travel on the Mekong River

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When traveling as a family, there is usually a long list of criteria the trip and destination should meet to ensure everyone will make the most out of the experience. Satisfying every family member can be a challenge, especially if the group consists of different generations with their own interests and expectations.


At Aqua Expeditions, we take this challenge seriously. A highly experiential voyage in one of our small ships ticks all the boxes – from action-packed excursions focused on nature, wildlife, and culture, to highly personalized service with a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, world-class dining by renowned chefs and the finest of onboard amenities, all that is left is for families to enjoy and create indelible memories.


As we prepare to welcome back our guests onboard in the not too distant future, we are happy to share the beauty and wonder of our extraordinary destinations and the adventures that come with them. For a sneak-peak of what traveling in a group or family would be like, we’re taking you on a journey to South East Asia’s most legendary river onboard the Aqua Mekong, our stylish 40-suite vessel charting a luxurious passage across Vietnam and Cambodia.


An eye-opening odyssey into the Mighty Mekong

Authentic experiences in the heart of the majestic Mekong Delta

Enriched by 2,000 years of human history, the Mekong river basin is a destination that encompasses a unique combination of opportunities for cultural, religious and artistic discoveries including deep immersions into the local traditions of the communities that live and work along the river, and active explorations surrounded by the calming nature of the countryside.



Whether on a 3-, 4-, or 7-night journey, Aqua Mekong itineraries have something for everyone in the family, no matter the age, level of activity, or personal interest. For those looking for an active adventure, Aqua Mekong’s biking excursions are the best way to go. A cycling option is available for most outings, allowing guests to explore a different side of the Mekong, passing by golden-roofed temples and picturesque villages where friendly locals will greet you and wave hello with a big smile on their faces.



For the culture vultures in the family, a tour around Cambodia’s ‘Silk Island’ or Koh Oknha Tey will allow guests to learn how artisans weave the country’s traditional krama silk scarfs. Or perhaps, the beautiful Long Son Pagoda at the top of Sam Mountain in Vietnam will be an eye-opener for those open to learning first-hand ancient Buddhist practices from monks?


On every excursion, our knowledgeable local guides will lead groups of no more than 10 guests, ensuring personalized and insightful experiences to discover the most authentic facet of each location.


Nurture the mind and body in a floating haven

Aqua Mekong Yoga Session


For those members of the family with a more laid-back approach on what a vacation should look like, the Aqua Mekong is equipped with everything they need to make them feel at home. Relax and disconnect from the outside world by starting your days with a peaceful meditation session on Aqua Mekong’s sundeck. A light breeze blows as the ship sails away, while you enjoy a dip in the outdoor pool with panoramic views of the ever-changing Mekong scenery and the option to indulge in a traditional Khmer massage in between excursions.


Families can spend their nights stargazing after dinner, engaging in endless conversations in the outdoor lounge as each person shares the highlights of their day, or they can choose to reunite in the private cinema to watch the group’s favorite movie, with popcorn in hand.


It’s all about finding the right balance, and Aqua Mekong’s friendly and welcoming staff will go out of their way to curate an onboard experience catered to group and individual preferences.


Food as a family bonding experience

Aqua Mekong Food


The dining experience on board Aqua Mekong is crafted by one of the world’s most renowned culinary stars and a true champion of authentic South East Asian cuisine, Michelin-starred Chef David Thompson. With the use of fresh and local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques from Vietnam and Cambodia, he has created seasonal menus in which the dishes served each day are in sync with the location of the ship as it sails its course along the Mekong river.


For Chef Thompson, the key ingredient when creating the Aqua Mekong menu is family. With a team of local staff in Aqua Mekong’s kitchen, he took inspiration from traditional family recipes shared by each crew member and transformed them into innovative dishes that at once remains authentic to the recipe’s true essence, as well as honoring its family legacy.


Family is at the very core of Vietnamese and Cambodian culture, and true to the region’s traditions, food is the center of connection. Dinner time becomes the ultimate bonding experience for families as they share new and exotic flavors reminiscent of the places they visited earlier in the day. At Aqua Mekong, guests will also embark on an immersive culinary experience that transcends the plate, as they accompany our chefs to local markets to discover the wonderful produce the region has to offer.


Back on board, families can participate in cooking class demonstrations to learn the tips and tricks behind these delicious recipes, and take them home for a Mekong-inspired dinner party whenever they wish to relive the magical moments of this journey.


Family Special: Curate your travel bucket list with us today!

Aqua Mekong Skiff


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