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Update on Aqua Amazon Accident (Iquitos, Peru)

August 1st, 2016

Aqua Expeditions Sets Up Fund For Victims’ Families of Aqua Amazon Accident

In response to the Aqua Amazon accident, in addition to providing financial support for the injured and families of the deceased, Aqua Expeditions has established a Family Support Fund for donations. On July 16, during the regular turn-around and restocking of the Aqua Amazon, a fire caused an explosion to occur that caused the boat to sink. No passengers were onboard but there were crew members who lost their lives and others who were injured.

We received an overwhelming amount of love and support from former guests, friends and colleagues in the travel industry in the wake of this horrible tragedy.

Regarding the status of those who were hurt and injured, this is the latest update:

Of the five Aqua Amazon crew that were missing, four bodies were found and one remain missing. The names of the deceased are:

– Antonio De Vasconcelos: Head Cook; 9 years with the company
– Aquiles Ramirez: Head Bartender; 9 years with the company
– David Luna: Cook; 3 years with the company
– Omar Da Silva: Support Personnel; 2 years with the company
– Anthony Farro: Cabin Steward; 1 year with the company
– Jose Gomez, Chief Mechanic; 8 years with the company

The two supplier victims who were missing have both been found. They were:

– Teofilo Yahuarcani: Food Supply, JC Transport Company
– Sandino Solsol: Fuel Supply, dania Transport Company

The company’s other vessel on the Amazon, the Aria Amazon is operating with a full crew and guests along its regularly scheduled itinerary. All safety procedures are in place and additional precautions have been made to go above and beyond the company’s operating standards to provide additional peace of mind for both crew and guests. 

We are heartbroken at the loss of our crew members who were part of our extended family, and mourn their loss as well as those of our suppliers.


Francesco Galli Zugaro

Founder and CEO, Aqua Expeditions


July 19, 2016

A Statement from Aqua Expeditions Founder and CEO, Francesco Galli Zugaro

Following the tragic incident involving the Aqua Amazon on Saturday, July 16, all of our efforts at Aqua Expeditions have been focused on finding the members of our crew who were on board at the time of the accident and were reported missing after the explosion that caused the vessel to capsize.

It was first thought that four crew were unaccounted for, however, this figure rose to five Sunday night when another crew member could not be located. In addition, there are two external suppliers who are also victims, bringing the total missing to seven people.

As of 17:00 EST Monday July 18, two of the victims have been identified and recovered. Five more remain to be found and recovered.

There are an additional eight crew in the hospital recovering following the explosion. Three are in intensive care and the remaining five are receiving the necessary medical attention. We are assuring them the best medical treatment possible.

We have been in close contact with their families and have been keeping them fully informed on news of their loved ones during this difficult time. Many of the crew have been with me from 2007 when we started. I considered them dear friends, not just employees.

The source of the fire and explosion is yet to be determined as preliminary investigations are still underway. We are supporting all efforts by the authorities and will continue to do so throughout the process.

Our industry partners, guests, families and friends have given me and everyone at Aqua Expeditions the strength and commitment to stay united and face this tragedy together. We are overwhelmed with the show of support that is continuing to pour in from all over the world and we will be eternally thankful.

I, along with our media and marketing teams, will be keeping the industry informed of further developments.


Francesco Galli Zugaro

Founder and CEO, Aqua Expeditions


July 17, 2016

Aqua Expeditions loses the Aqua Amazon in Accident

It is with much regret and sadness that I announce that on Saturday, July 16th, the Aqua Amazon suffered a very serious accident, and sank.

During the regular Saturday supplying and turn-around hours for re-stocking of the vessel, an accident occurred that caused an explosion and resulted in the sinking of the ship.  The investigation is ongoing and more information will be shared as it becomes available.

No passengers were onboard but some of the crew have been hurt and up to four are declared missing. All efforts are being made to get a better understanding of the status of the missing crew. The entire operations team is on the ground providing logistical support with local emergency services.

Passengers scheduled to depart Saturday on the Aqua Amazon have been reassigned to the Aria Amazon and other river cruisers.

For any further sales and reservations issues regarding passengers’ queries, the Lima and Singapore offices will be open on Sunday regarding future bookings on the Aqua Amazon.

Lima: +511 434 5544
Singapore: +65 6270 4002
U.S. & Canada: +1 866 603 3687
UK: +0 808 189 0361
Australia: +1800 243 152
New Zealand: +0800 466 098


These are difficult times for us and we are grateful for the show of support we have received to date. Our principal focus now is on our staff and their families. 

I would like to assure all our partners that Aqua Expeditions dedication to safety is steadfast and that our other cruisers are operating normally.


Francesco Galli Zugaro

Founder and CEO, Aqua Expeditions