Creating that “WOW” on Your Vacation: Surprise Cocktails!

After a day exploring the ecosystems, local river economies and photographing the wildlife of the Amazon and Mekong Rivers by customized skiff, our guides always make time to add one more treat to your day. And who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing surprise cocktail to sip at sunset?


On the Mekong, our Aqua Expedition’s skiffs travel deep into the waters near Moat Khla village where guests enjoy snacks arranged on locally-carved wooden plates.

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Mekong River Cruises: Sundowners at Sunset

On the Amazon River, cocktails are served in the black waters of the El Dorado, Pacaya and Marañon Rivers where snacks are served on an Amazonian leaf!

To maximize conversation at cocktail hour, our skiffs are “rafted up” side by side so guest and guides can raise a toast as a group and share stories about the fun they’ve had on that day’s excursions. Two of the cocktails served are the Aqua Royal  (on Aqua Mekong cruise) Mimosas (on Aria Amazon cruise).


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Here are the recipes for these two cocktails so you can try and recreate this special moment at home!

aqua royalAqua Royal


1 ounces Cochirosa

1 ounces Forest Berry Tea

2 ounces Sparkling Wine


Add 3 pieces of ice cubes into a champagne flute and add all ingredients, stir to well to serve.

Served with:

Pickled morning glory in lemongrass.
Grilled sun dried beef with chilli
Dried prawn, charred corn and green mango salsa – in porcelain Chinese spoons.




4 ounces Champagne

3 ounces Orange Juice

1 maraschino cherry


Mix the Champagne with the orange juice. To serve, fill a champagne flute and place a cherry on top to decorate.

Also on offer: Regional fruit juices such as camu camu, cocona and starfruit

Served with:

  • Toasted rainforest nuts
  • Indian almonds, Inca peanuts, chocolate related seeds
  • Plantain and yucca chips