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Cruising the Mekong River: The Aqua Mekong Wow’s Her First Passengers

We are incredibly excited to continue the story of the first voyages of the Aqua Mekong as she begins her cruises between Vietnam and Cambodia, allowing travellers to explore the fascinating Mekong River cultures, history and cuisine.

Our story begins with a shot of the Aqua Mekong sailing on Tonlé Sap Lake in Cambodia just prior to the very first guests embarking from Siem Reap in Cambodia:

Aqua Mekong Exterior View - High Resolution (2)


Here we are just in front of the spacious lounge and before our guests step into the main bar on board the Aqua Mekong. This charming alabaster monk greets all our new arrivals, alongside fresh blooms of the region’s famous lotus flowers.

Aqua Mekong Public Area - High Resolution


Here is our games room, where guests can unwind and try their hand at a game of foosball in our bespoke Teckell table made from teak and crystal and played with a soft cork foosball to ensure other Aqua Expedition’s guests are not disturbed by the game:

Aqua Mekong Games Room - High Resolution


In the main lobby, shopaholics won’t be disappointed as they step inside our boutique, stocked with an incredible array of local handicrafts, expedition gear and a collection of artefacts and local crafts from the Mekong regions in Vietnam and Cambodia we travel through.

Aqua Mekong Boutique - High Resolution


And here is the gym looking out on the Observation Deck, offering the latest Lifestyle Fitness treadmill and cycling equipment. Keeping up your fitness regime will seem all too easy with the ever-changing views of the Mekong River rolling before you.

Aqua Mekong Gym - High Resolution


Now we move on to Aqua Mekong’s state-of-the-art private cinema room, which can seat up to ten guests for movies or lectures. With surround sound panels in the walls, a SMART 56” LED screen, internet access and Apple TV, guests will be able to enjoy classic films about this exotic region, such as The Scent of Green Papaya, The Quiet American and Good Morning Vietnam.

Aqua Mekong Private Cinema


Downstairs on the first deck are our two specially designed spa rooms. Here, the three therapists on board showcase the traditions of Southeast Asian massage including the gentle stretching and deep knead of a Khmer massage, and Vietnamese aromatherapy, which incorporates local ingredients such as energizing creams or relaxing organic oils.

Aqua Mekong Spa - High Resolution


And back to the top deck for a first look at the very first, forward-facing, shaded infinity pool on the Mekong! The dip-pool allows guests to take in the spectacular views of the Mekong and life on the river from the luxury of the pool’s cool waters.

Aqua Mekong Outdoor Top Deck Plunge Pool - High Resolution


Dry off in the sunshine on the outdoor observation deck – recline on the teak lounge chairs or under one of the two private cabanas, before sampling a drink from the bar as you relax to the sounds of the river flowing past you.

Aqua Mekong Sun Deck - High Resolution


And with that, it’s “good night” from the Aqua Mekong and the waters of the Tonlé Sap Lake with a “sleep well” from the Observation Deck as evening sets…

Aqua Mekong Observation Deck - High Resolution (2)


Join us for our next installment of LIVE FROM THE RIVER where we will share even more images of what guests can experience on excursions on our skiffs and on land when we explore the local ecosystems, cultures and traditions of the Mekong River.

Aqua Mekong Exterior View - High Resolution (5)