Investing in Our Guest Experience: Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon Upgraded for 2015

We are excited to announce that in our continual quest to invest in the guest experience at Aqua Expeditions, both our Peruvian Amazon River cruise ships, the Aqua Amazon and the Aria Amazon, have undergone extensive refurbishments this summer.

These renovations and upgrades have been overseen by the vessels’ original designer, renowned Peruvian architect, Jordi Puig. All public interiors and exterior areas have been completed together with 40 per cent of the suites whilst the remainder of work is due for completion by December 2015.

As the leader and pioneer of small ship luxury cruising on the Amazon and Mekong, we will ensure that our boats are always “top-of-the-line” and at the forefront of guest comfort and experience. And as our travelers’ needs and your expectations evolve, so must our products. Both vessels now have a newly refreshed, elegant look about them that is indicative of our vision to provide a unique world-class experience.


Aria Amazon Upgrades

The Aria Amazon features new exterior woodwork, painting and awnings, and the vessel’s spacious suites include new furniture, new wall treatments (wood veneer) and new vanities with larger mirrors and lights.

New 8-2015 Aria Amazon Design Suite Double Set Up - Low Resolution

The Aria Amazon’s bathrooms have been upgraded with new floors and tiles.

New 8-2015 Aria Amazon Design Suite Bathroom 2 - Low Resolution

The indoor lounge & bar features a new black granite counter, new wooden furniture, a new library and additional bar stools to unwind after the day’s exciting excursions.

New 8-2015 Aria Amazon Indoor Lounge & Bar - Low Resolution

The dining room also features new flooring, along with new luxurious seating, a granite buffet table, a waiter’s station, new entrance doors and new dinnerware.

The ship’s entrance features new lighting and wall coverings, and the outdoor lounge features new lighting and deck chair cushions.

The spa has a new interior décor and all new paneling.

New 8-2015 Aria Amazon Spa - Low Resolution

Aqua Amazon Upgrades

Exteriors of the Aqua Amazon feature new woodwork, painting and awnings, and interior upgrades include a completely revamped dining room with new natural wood flooring, new upholstered furniture and new dinnerware.

The Aqua Amazon’s suites feature reupholstered sofa beds, new cushions, new amenities such as USB plugs on nightstands, and new vanity furniture with larger mirrors and vanity lights.

New 08-2015 Aqua Amazon Suite Double Set Up - Low Resolution

The ship’s interiors also feature new wallpaper and floors with the indoor lounge & bar enhanced with new wooden furniture and bar stools.  Softer lighting throughout the ship’s common areas creates a warm ambiance, perfect for relaxing with a pisco sour after a long day of exploring.

New 08-2015 Aqua Amazon Indoor Lounge & Bar 2 - High Resolution

Amazon Skiffs Upgrades

We are happy to announce that we have also placed an order for eight brand new skiffs. The renewed design provides more leg room, inclined custom made ergonomic seats and more space for full day exploration. These durable “floating jeeps” are what allow us to get up-close and personal with the regions wildlife. We have taken delivery of two and remaining six will be delivered to us over the next four months.

New 8-2015 Amazon New Skiff 2 - High Resolution

With these upgrades, guests of Aqua Expeditions can experience a heightened level of luxury on what were already the most luxurious boats on the Peruvian Amazon.

Coming soon: news about our expanded activities on and off board our Amazon cruises!