New 2016 Aqua Mekong Cruise Itineraries: Diving Deeper into Vietnam & Cambodia

Since Aqua Expeditions launched the first 5-star service on the Mekong River in the Fall of 2014, our team has continued to research new opportunities for our guests travelling on board the Aqua Mekong. Searching for fresh and novel local adventures, cultural experiences and outdoor activities which showcase the richness of Southeast Asia, we have added new Aqua Mekong itineraries for 2016.

We have expanded our Vietnam and Cambodia itineraries for 3-night, 4-night and 7 night journeys during both the high water (July-November) and low water (December-June) seasons on the Mekong River.


These fascinating new adventures transport our guests by boat, foot and bike, past pastoral Khmer scenes of sugar palm fronds, emerald rice fields, floating markets and families travelling together by ox cart while they enjoy “meet and greet” encounters with local villagers, artisans and learned Buddhist monks.



To bring our Aqua Mekong passengers deeper than ever into this tropical landscape that has long captivated the imaginations of foreign explorers, we have developed invigorating new excursions by kayak and bicycle. As we paddle and cycle into this fabled Southeast Asian terrain, Aqua Mekong guests have unprecedented opportunities to meet local friends, making lasting memories from these once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Please join us in 2015 or 2016 to explore Vietnam and Cambodia!Here are summary views of the new 2016 Aqua Mekong 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries:


Aqua Mekong Tender - High Resolution