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Top 5 Travel Trends for 2015

2015 brings a new year with exciting travel potential for travelers, worldwide. While some are rushing to make last- minute winter bookings, others are already planning holiday travel for winter 2015-2016. With all this planning and booking in mind, we decided to take a look at the Top 5 Travel Trends for 2015:

TRAVEL TREND #1: Live like a Local / Immersive Travel

It is no longer enough to just visit a destination – travelers want to cook in it, paint it and live the life that locals lead. This is a key trend across all age groups as people are looking for more authentic holidays and a totally immersive travel experience. Rather than just visiting the traditional tourist traps, our guests at Aqua Expeditions really get to the heart of Peru, Cambodia and Vietnam, visiting off-the-beaten-track villages and hidden gems along the river.


TRAVEL TREND #2: Maximizing Time

We are all leading busier and busier lives, without a single second disconnected from the maelstrom of work and social life.  This overload is taking its toll and travelers are now actively seeking breaks that maximize time away with family and friends. This has led to a trend in two very different types of holidays – fleeting getaways/city breaks and bucket list adventures/extended travel – two ends of the time scale. Frequent short city breaks overtook beach holidays as the most popular type of holiday in 2014 and are expected to hold the top spot into 2015, with 43% of respondents planning a city break for this year (ABTA Travel Survey 2015). Alternatively people of all ages want to travel to more and more destinations within a single trip. And people want to tick off ‘must-see’ destinations from their bucket lists and experience a real adventure. Our digitally detoxing journeys on the Peruvian Amazon are also proving incredibly popular with travelers as they hope to maximize their downtime by disconnecting from email and internet.

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TRAVEL TREND #3: Travel Promoting Wellness and Well Being

If travelers are looking to find the best versions of themselves whilst on vacation in 2015, they’re in luck as the demand for wellness travel continues to grow. Holidays that focus on health, rejuvenation, and rebalance are key and the different options for wellness holidays have grown to include everything from yoga breaks, and weight-loss resorts to silent retreats (Virtuoso Luxe Report).


TRAVEL TREND #4: Special Interest Holidays

Special Interest holidays are surging in popularity as travelers select holidays that center around individual interests and passions. Events, shows, tours or experiences are becoming their own focal points as destinations for travel – amazing food or a local music festival, specific sports or entertainment are more than just a draw. Particular areas of interest include wine, birding, history and art (ABTA Travel Survey 2015).

TRAVEL TREND #5: Destinations for Celebrations

Events such as anniversaries, weddings and larger celebration events are on an upward trajectory and will continue to grow in the year ahead. The desire to commemorate, celebrate and share special moments and experiences with the whole family or with groups of friends is expected to drive an increased number of ‘group’ holidays in 2015. This also ties in with last year’s trend of multi-generational travel, something we are seeing much more of in terms of bookings; travelers that want to share the Aqua Expedition’s experience with those close to them of all ages.

What trends are you seeing in what your friends and family seek in their upcoming adventures? Tell us on Facebook!