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A Video Story: The Construction of the Aqua Mekong

With just six weeks to go until the Aqua Mekong’s inaugural sailing on September 30th 2014, we bring you this time-lapse video about the construction of our newest luxury cruiseship sailing the Mekong River between Vietnam and Cambodia. Witness this 9-month project – from the welding of the ship in the Triyards Shipyard in Vietnam – to the painstakingly, delicate process of transporting the structure to the water’s edge for its completion – to the first moments the ship takes to the waters of the mighty Mekong River in Ho Chi Minh City. Watch it now!

The Aqua Mekong: A Time Lapse Video of Its Construction

As we put the finishing touches on the Aqua Mekong, the excitement is building not only in South East Asia, but worldwide! Join us on our newest Aqua Expedition’s adventure…on the Aqua Mekong.