Promoting Access to Clean Water on the Amazon & Mekong Rivers

While working in such magnificent natural environments as Amazonia in Peru and the Mekong Delta in Cambodia and Vietnam, the experienced team at Aqua Expeditions well understands how important eco-friendly operations are to protecting the health of the local communities, wildlife habitats and natural environments where we cruise. We are dedicated to keeping the great rivers of the world clean and beautiful, for today and for generations to come.

One of the ways Aqua Expeditions promotes public health in local communities we travel within is through our clean water projects. The company has launched a pilot project in water purification by donating and installing four water purification stations in the native community of Puerto Prado on the Marañon River. This project was pursued with the assistance of the Health Center of Nauta, a city in the Loreto Province of the Peruvian Amazon.


Each water purification station is composed of plastic buckets, chlorine, alum and filter bag which is used to perform filtering and chlorination of water consumed in the community. These systems help the population to consume clean water, free of parasites and elements that can cause digestive tract diseases, especially in children and older people.


The guidance and instruction for the proper process of water purification was carried out in situ, with the participation and presence of all the people interested in having easy access to clean water for personal and family use.


So far we have donated 4 water purification systems; the first was delivered in December of 2013 to the President of the community – Ms. Emma Tapullima – and one was installed in the school by Professor Leonor Sevillano for students of the area. The others have been donated to local individuals in the area who pledged to make good use of the delivered donation.


We hope that we will be able to donate more water purification kits in the future to help support positive public health practices in our local communities.