The Top 5 Reasons to Travel Responsibly

Aqua Expeditions hosts our cruises on the world’s greatest rivers with deep respect for the waterways, landscapes and cultures through which we travel. We know that protecting the environment and preserving natural resources and wildlife is essential to what our guest’s value most in the cruising experience.

Here are our top five reasons for travelling responsibly:

1. Do Your Part to Stop Global Warming

Air travel is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions, and by consequence, global warming. And while air flights remain a relatively small contributor (less than 5%) to climate change, we can work to offset our negative contributions to carbon buildup due to our air travel once we reach our destination by contributing to carbon offset programs such as those offered by the Nature Conservancy. We always advise travelling via the most direct air travel route to minimize your carbon footprint.

2. Travel Globally – Experience Locally

image001Responsible travel is all about bringing travelers into closer contact with local cultures and environments. Local guides can open travelers’ eyes to their community’s perspectives, beliefs, values and ways of life far better than international experts. Our travelers at Aqua Expeditions value authenticity and experiences that are immersed in local traditions, cultures and rituals, rather than those created or packaged-up for tourists. Respecting the cultures of others is responsible travel at its finest.

3. Rediscover Nature with All Your Senses

Taricaya 1Responsible travel is about rediscovering nature by immersing yourself in it; smelling it, feeling it and learning about it, rather than just looking at it. We always try to leave no physical evidence of our visits to the special ecosystems and habitats on our cruises – other than our footprints. Our responsible travelers learn fascinating stories about the locals’ relationships with their natural environment, how they co-exist together and how income from tourism is a powerful incentive for conservation in local communities.

4. Be a Traveler – Not a Tourist

march postA tourist sticks out, a traveler blends in. We encourage our guests to be travelers and to immerse themselves in each community we visit, embracing the differences between these new environments and home.  Every destination we travel to is unique in so many ways and every culture is different – why not enhance your understanding of our world through exploration and discovery? 

5. Leave A Little – Undiscovered

THE AMAZONTravelling responsibly also includes understanding that some environments are best left alone. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a little of the globe to the imagination….sometimes it’s intriguing just being awed by the vast, undiscovered wildernesses outside of our reach. With greater appreciation about the need to preserve our planet’s natural treasures, we can save a little discovery for the next adventure and remember that travelling with respect earns respect.

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