Amazon Animals : Caught in the Act (of Having Fun!)

There’s nothing quite so rewarding as photographing Amazon animals at play in their natural habitats. Our guests on board the luxury Aria Amazon cruise are delighted to compare their videos and photos at the end of each day as they try to grab that perfect moment to capture the beauty, diversity and wonder of Amazon jungle wildlife. Here are some funny moments capturing some unique poses of some of our favorite Amazon friends…

Spider Monkey 6

Spider Monkey


Whip Snake

Black-Skinned Parrot Snake

Black Skinned Parrot Snake

Spectacled Caiman

Speckled Caiman

Three Toed Sloth 3

Three-toed Sloth

Red Howler Monkey 2

Red Howler Monkey



Barred Monkey Frog

Barred Monkey Frog

Yellow-billed Tern

Yellow-billed Tern

Brown Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin Monkey