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Amazon Taricaya Turtles: Nature and Nurture

Here at Aqua Expeditions, we consider the conservation of the natural environment and traditions of the Peruvian Amazon locals part of our responsibility as a sustainable company.  We encourage all of our guests to adopt an active role in the protection of the area and since our inception have carried out initiatives in cooperation with the local communities, including releasing endangered Taricaya turtles back into the wild. To nurture this Amazon species, we have been working with conservationists since 2008 to protect the eggs until they hatch and then release hatchlings into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. In 2012, this project expanded to include the re-location of Taricaya habitats on a semi-artificial beach in Aqua Expeditions’ dock in the city of Nauta.

The results have been fantastic – the hatchlings are thriving, and we are getting ever nearer to stabilising the Taricaya turtle population. Through our clients’ cooperation with our on-going conservation work, we are helping to sustain the fragile Amazonian wildlife and eco-system.

For more insight into the Taricaya turtle hatchlings, watch the videos on Aqua Expeditions’ YouTube channel: