Have you been looking for an excuse to charter Vietnam and Cambodia cruises, but failed to find a vessel that suits your expectations? Sail through the diverse, picturesque lands of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Mekong River with Aqua Expeditions.


Luxurious Cruise on the Mekong River - Aqua Mekong


Aqua Expeditions brings you the most spacious, modern, and aesthetically beautiful cruise ship in Southeast Asia. Sail in style and ultimate relaxation onboard the Aqua Mekong by Aqua Expeditions.


Expand your concept of traditional river cruises, remove limitations to your travel experience, and see Southeast Asia from a unique perspective. Discover the ways Aqua Expeditions is redefining travel on the Mekong River.


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Luxurious Suite on the Aqua Mekong


Aqua Expeditions was established in 2007 by Founder and CEO, Francesco Galli Zugaro. Francesco is a half-American, half-Italian businessman who has lived his whole life fascinated by worldwide travel and riveted by the different cultures.


South America, in particular, drew him in like nowhere else, and so, Francesco opened his own river cruise company to bring the concept of intimate wildlife interactions and natural excursions to the Amazon River. The flagship cruise vessel was small enough to allow a minimal number of guests onboard, while still being large enough to accommodate a full team of staff.


As the success of the Aria Amazon ship on the Amazon River took off, Francesco set out on a mission to find another river that captivated him just as much. Soon, he found the Mekong River and recognized the potential the mighty body of water had in enchanting guests to Southeast Asia. Next came a Vietnam vessel that is available for charter.


Aqua Expeditions appeals to a new generation of travelers: sophisticated and modern travelers that hold higher expectations than ever before.



What makes Aqua Expeditions so different?


Cycling Tours In Cambodia and Vietnam on the Aqua Mekong


There are several reasons why Aqua Expeditions river cruise trips are so vastly different from other traditional cruise lines.


What Aqua ships lack in size, they make up for in intimate relationships between guests and staff. Rooms onboard the Aqua Expeditions’ ships are expertly crafted to break the mold of sterile, impersonal rooms that are typically found on cruises. Even the food offered onboard is unlike any cuisine served by other cruise companies.


Finally, all excursions, both on land and throughout the Mekong River, are led by highly skilled naturalists, ensuring you always get an up-close, detailed, and unique depiction of the places you visit.



Exclusive access to the most delectable Vietnam Yacht Charter menu


On the Aqua Expeditions Vietnam yacht charter, be prepared to embark on a culinary journey with world-renowned, Michelin star-awarded chef David Thompson leading the way. Delight your taste buds daily with a menu previously unheard of from an all-inclusive travel package.


Here’s how Aqua Expeditions accomplishes such a complex and crowd-pleasing array of cuisine:



Consulting chef David Thompson left his roots in Australia to take on the rest of the world, and Southeast Asian cuisine. His Bangkok restaurant Nahm is one of the top 50 World’s Best Restaurants and was awarded the first-ever Michelin star for Southeast Asian food. Aqua Expeditions’ Southeast Asian route, therefore, could not have found a better chef to curate and consult on the Aqua Mekong menu.


Taking hints from the fertile lands, flanking, and fed by the Mekong River, the Aqua Mekong’s dishes combine both timeless classics and modern takes on traditional dishes. Chef David Thompson gained popularity and notoriety by incorporating historic recipe sources from Vietnamese river cultures into his fusion cuisine. Taste the flavors that have entertained millions of taste buds and explore new paths of traditional flavors with the chef.


Many of the main dishes’ ingredients are pulled directly from the very river you travel, supporting sustainable eating and allowing you to connect deeper with the cultures surrounding you.


A sample of the dishes you might be served includes Vietnamese catfish served with chilies, Thai basil, and shallots or grilled river prawns with a peanut relish, a modern take on their traditional peanut sauce. Be blown away with flavors incorporating lemongrass, coriander, and turmeric, or feel a sense of nostalgia with recognizable flavors such as coconut.


Fine Dining Experience on a River Cruise - Aqua Expeditions


Fine Dining Experience on a River Cruise - Aqua Expeditions


Fine Dining Experience on a River Cruise - Aqua Expeditions


Every dish is freshly prepared for you for every meal onboard, using the day’s freshest produce and protein.


While your taste buds enjoy the journey, your eyes will feast on the ship’s exquisite dining space.


The Aqua Mekong dining room, much like the suites themselves, features floor-to-ceiling glass windows to enhance your dining experience with the picturesque beauty of the river. Though you will never tire of the menu in front of you, you wouldn’t want to miss the sweeping views of the vibrant village life and beckoning pagodas, bathed in natural light.


Chef Thompson has designed a menu that pairs beautifully with the surrounding landscapes. Ancient recipes and fresh ingredients are best appreciated when dining while overlooking the waters and the land of which they originate from.


Fine Dining Restaurant on the Aqua Mekong


The dining space, in similar contrast, contains contemporary Asian artifacts and flawless crystal glassware to exude a modern take on the classic Asian style. The design of the space is both contemporary yet timeless, incorporating dark wood hues and Southeast Asian artifacts with modern amenities.


Indulge both your taste buds and eyes and never taking a break from the grand adventure that is floating the mighty Mekong River, with the help of consulting Chef David Thompson and expert staff who pride themselves on remembering your dining preferences.


No other ship can rival the service and dedication to a spectacular meal as accomplished by the Aqua Mekong when you charter a Vietnam cruise with us.



Embark on a yacht charter Cambodia trip with world-class naturalists


One of the best aspects of an Aqua Mekong adventure is your chance to get up-close and personal with the people and lands of Vietnam and Cambodia. Both countries contain many similarities and just as many differences.


Any opportunity which allows you to step foot on shore and explore the rich cultures of these countries should always be seized. That is why yacht charter Cambodia and Vietnam with Aqua Mekong is the exclusive trip you have been waiting for.


Aqua Expeditions’cruises carry a minimal number of guests to ensure that your needs are placed above anything else. The guest-to-staff ratio onboard the Aqua Mekong is 1:1, meaning each guest can be personally served by a staff member. Within this team of staff are experienced, English-speaking naturalists that will guide you on any number of excursions.


Cycling Tours In Cambodia and Vietnam on the Aqua Mekong


Speed Boat Excursion in Cambodia on the Aqua Mekong


Excursion trips depart from the Aqua Mekong vessel two to three times each day, accommodating 10 guests per skiff. The limited number of guests onboard creates an intimate atmosphere for naturalists to communicate easily and allows them to get to know all of the guests onboard.


On the Cambodia leg of your trip, expect to set out into the jungle on foot, or by bicycle, along the riverbanks, with your fearless guide leading the way. Kayak trips are also available and give an even closer view of the Mekong’s winding waters and the vegetation that populates it.




One of the best ways to get to know a place is by simply setting out on foot. This allows you to absorb all the details about the culture that you may have missed on a fast-paced tour of the country.


Cycling Tours In Cambodia and Vietnam on the Aqua Mekong


Since you probably won’t have endless hours to adventure on-shore, cycling allows you to see just as much of the sprawling country in half the time. Whenever you want to take a photo of the terraces of lush rice paddies or local children playing with one of the village’s domesticated water buffalo, simply dismount and engage with the environment.


There is no better way to take in the exotic and unique daily rituals of the Southeast Asian lifestyle than on a leisurely bike ride throughout the river banks and villages that line the river. Plus, Aqua Mekong is the only Mekong River cruise that offers complimentary bikes to hop on.


You have the power to choose how much freedom you want to have in your adventure.




Kayaking allows you to slow your pace and get an even closer view of the Cambodian people throughout the duration of their daily activities. Exotic only to foreigners, the routines you may witness are as much a part of the daily life of the villagers, as using a microwave or riding in a car is to the modernized cultures that we live in.


Kayaking Tours on the Mekong River - Aqua Expeditions


Guests onboard the Aqua Mekong can use one of eight double-kayaks throughout various locations in Cambodia. You might get the chance to paddle up close to see local silk-weavers at work or up the Mekong to Tonle Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia (and one of the largest in the world).


Enjoy a closer, quieter view of the waters and the people that happily call it home via your own kayak. Get a view of the stilted bamboo villages that are only accessible by boat.



On-Foot Treks

Explore emerald forests overflowing with green vegetation, and if you’re lucky, get a sneak peek of the wildlife that calls the forests home. Be prepared for your mind to be forever blown away by the splendor of the quiet and noble, saffron-robed monks at Buddhist monasteries or the vivid colors of the local flowers and produce in open-air floating markets.


There is no end to the mysteries you could unravel and the beauty to be uncovered on your expertly-guided trek by foot.



Design that rivals anything on land


Each of the Aqua Mekong’s suites are designed to exude comfort and modern luxury. Fitting 40 passengers in 20 suites, the 62.4-meter (205 feet) boat glides throughout the Mekong, carrying each valued guest in total relaxation.


Luxurious Cruise on the Mekong River - Aqua Mekong


The Aqua Mekong is designed by Saigon-based, Noor Design, and embodies the sophistication of a high-class, five-star hotel. Using mainly sustainable materials and authentic Southeast Asian artisanal touches, the boat achieves the appeal of a luxury hotel, without sacrificing the charm of the cultures it encounters.


The boat is spacious with plenty of common spaces that invite you to venture outside of your suite and interact with other guests, yet still manages to achieve an intimate exclusivity throughout.



More about the suites

The idea behind designing the 20 suites onboard the Aqua Mekong began with throwing out everything you previously pictured how cruise ship rooms are.


Instead of limited windows and natural light, each of the river-facing rooms has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that bring the outdoors right to you. Gaze on the river as it gently glides beneath you at all hours of the day. Never miss a second of a sunset, pristine mountain ranges, or herds of water buffalo onshore while in your room.


The air-conditioned suites are a generous 30 square meters, leaving you plenty of space to make yourself at home and unwind after a long day on shore or on the river. The design is both contemporary and chic, with sustainably sourced hardwood floors, delightfully soft linens, and clean lines throughout. Dark woods are both an expression of the Southeast Asian style that the ship’s design embodies and a nod to the modern sophistication of the cruise liner.


Luxurious Suite on the Aqua Mekong


The roomy California king-sized bed comes as a pleasant surprise to many guests, particularly those used to travel with other cruise companies.


Eight of the suites on the Aqua Mekong feature balconies, with space for a romantic table for two to take in the sunset, or simply enjoy the gentle river winds as the boat cuts through the water.


Elegant Balcony on the River Cruise, the Aqua Mekong


The bathroom, not to be outdone by the bedroom, features its own Mekong-River-facing picture window, along with his-and-hers sinks and a spacious walk-in shower with a center-mounted rainforest showerhead. Get all the amenities of a 5-star resort on land, and then some, with a professional quality hairdryer and natural bath products.


Luxurious Bathroom in the Aqua Mekong's Suites


Eco-sensitive technology keeps the sleek bathroom from being wasteful. Aqua Expeditions is always committed to maintaining a green earth.


Traveling with a large group or family? Four sets of interconnecting suites offer a convenient solution to large parties seeking to travel together. Guests can also book interconnecting suites and configure one suite as a private living area. By doing so, you get your very own 60-square-meter apartment onboard the ship. No other luxury cruise service can offer you and your family that much comfort and space.


Luxurious Suite on the Aqua Mekong



Choose your path


Aqua Mekong cruises offer charter trips to many of the best locations in Vietnam and Cambodia. Trips can be as short as three days or as long as a week, allowing you to fit whatever time on the river you have into your busy schedule.


Each trip is carefully navigated, based on factors including whether it is a high-water season or a low-water season. Determining exactly the right route to take can be difficult with the luxury of a variety of options.


Floating Village Tours on the Aqua Mekong


Some cruise paths offer a more up-close look at natural wonders, such as the Tonle Sap River and native white oxen. Others take you into the heart of the Cambodian culture, immersing yourself, if only for a bit, into the lives of Khmer artisans dyeing and weaving traditional fabrics. Others bring the typical Mekong Delta villages straight to you via one of the marine-grade aluminum skiffs led by expert naturalist guides.


Koh Chen is a small Cambodian village of silversmiths, known for its artistry in that medium. Often chosen by Cambodia’s king as the place to shop for gifts for visiting dignitaries, Koh Chen is an island that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. You can visit on a trip that travels to or from Phnom Penh.


Siem Reap is popular for being home to the world’s largest religious monument in the world. Beyond the splendor of the temple complexes that stretch wide across the horizon, Siem Reap also holds unique architecture, varying from Chinese-style to colonial.


It is a popular tourist destination in Cambodia and a great place to spend a few days at the end of your time on the Mekong River. You can visit on a trip departing from Ho Chi Minh or start your trip in Siem Reap!



Charter Peru after Southeast Asia


Luxurious River Cruise in the Amazon - Aria Amazon


Before the enormous success of Francesco Galli Zugaro’s river cruise company in Southeast Asia, the company gained traction in the Peruvian Amazon. After your Aqua Mekong adventure, charter a Peru cruise as well for a perspective on the Amazon River and Rainforest that surrounds it.


The Amazon River is one of, if not the, most widely recognized rivers in the world. It is the second-longest river on the planet and is home to a vast abundance of wildlife and has even been affectionately nicknamed ‘The Amazonâs’.


Much like the Mekong River, the Amazon River is surrounded by rich, exotic cultures of the native people that see the river’s waters as an essential element within their lives. The Peruvian Amazon is home to many of South America’s most unique and primitive groups of people.


When you choose Aqua Expeditions’ Aria Amazon cruise ship, you receive service and attentiveness identical to that on the Aqua Mekong. The Aria Amazon comfortably houses 32 guests and offers similar packages of all-inclusive three, four, or seven nights onboard the ship. Float the Amazon River with comfort and style unmatched by other cruise companies.


Though the Mekong River does have wildlife viewing along your journey, no wildlife experience can compare to that of which you will receive on board the Aria Amazon. See species specific to the Peruvian Amazon in abundance, such as the rare pink river dolphins, tree frogs, vibrantly colored birds, and manatees in their natural habitats.


Birdwatching in the Amazon aboard the Aria Amazon


Sloths in the Amazon - Aqua Expeditions


Excursions lead by naturalists well-versed in the Amazon River’s natural world will take you by foot or by kayak as close to the vegetation and wildlife as possible. Observe the intricacies of the surrounding flora and the various routines of many kinds of animals closer than you ever imagined.


Wildlife Tours in the Amazon Rainforest - Aqua Expeditions


Similar to the Aqua Mekong ship, the Aria Amazon rooms are designed to bring the outdoors to you in your spacious, updated suite. A wall of floor-to-ceiling glass allows a panoramic view of the river at any time of day. You can feel confident of not chancing upon a manatee to surface or a dolphin jump from the waters, even if you are relaxing atop your billowy California king-sized bed in the refreshing air-conditioning.


Luxurious River Cruise Cabin in the Amazon - Aqua Expeditions


Dining on the Aria Amazon is flawless. The menu is prepared by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and is inspired by traditional Amazonia flavors, offering plenty of reason to peel your eyes from the captivating landscape passing by. For the moments you simply can’t look away, the dining room also features floor-to-ceiling glass so that you never have to.


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Executive Chef for Aqua Expeditions


Don’t settle for just one grand adventure; book a tour with Aqua Expeditions and keep coming back for more.



Choose your adventure


Wildlife Tours in the Amazon Rainforest - Aqua Expeditions


Aqua Expeditions cruise ships are particularly enticing for couples, as the rooms exude comfort and sophistication that practically begs for romance. The large bed, roomy common space and elegant rain shower in the bathroom are ideal for a romantic float down the Mekong or Amazon Rivers. Spend time meeting other couples or travelers or retreat to more private corners of the observation decks or dining areas.


If you aren’t part of a couple, there is no reason you can’t enjoy one of several, all-inclusive cruise packages. For families traveling together, take advantage of suites that can be interconnected, converting one suite into a larger common space.


If you don’t want to convert several suites, the small size of the boat means finding each member of your group will never be difficult. Families can enjoy the renewed sense of luxury that is not typical to cruise ships; feel just as pampered and entertained as when opting for any travel package or resort on land.


Another great reason to book an Aqua cruise is to provide an incentive for your team at work. Incentive trips are a great excuse for employees to work their hardest and to perform their best work.


Whatever your reason for choosing to hop on board, enjoy unlimited luxury amenities, tons of space, and panoramic views of two of the most majestic rivers in the world on board the Aqua Mekong or Aria Amazon. The updated, modern ships will make you charter for Vietnam, Peru, or Cambodia to experience much more than just tranquility.


Once you experience an Aqua Expeditions cruise, you will never want to cruise differently.



Book your cruise today to see why everyone is talking about Aqua Expeditions’ luxury river cruises.