Aboard the Aqua Nera, expect sumptuous and refined Peruvian cuisine orchestrated with native Amazonian ingredients. Curated by award-winning chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, the dining experience adds a multi-sensory dimension to your journey unlike any other cruise.


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino was the chef and previous owner of Malabar and ámaZ, which used to be two of Lima’s most cutting edge and innovative restaurants prior to their closure. He is also part of the Executive Committee of the CIA’s Latin Cuisines Advisory Council and founder of the catering company Schiaffino Gastronomika.


2007 marked the beginning of a longstanding partnership between Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Aqua Expeditions as he joined the team as Consulting Chef on the Aria Amazon. Today he’s responsible for the culinary experiences on three of our vessels: Aqua Nera, Aria Amazon, and Aqua Mare.




Sample signature dishes created by Chef Schiaffino include:

Schiaffino’s cuisine fuses Peruvian ingredients with traditional techniques, and his ability to transform unusual ingredients into authentic delectable dishes is echoed in both Aria Amazon and Aqua Nera’s culinary offerings. Schiaffino focuses on using fresh and locally sourced produce, with 70 percent of all ingredients used onboard sourced within Amazonia.


Aqua Expeditions’ partnership with Pedro Miguel Schiaffino transcends the unique culinary proposal offered onboard our expeditions, with meaningful collaborations for conservations projects, such as the protection and rehabilitation of native paiche fish population, as well as our work with local river communities to foster sustainably sourced produce in the Amazon taking center stage.


Join us on Aqua Nera for exclusive chef-hosted departures from 14th – 18th May and 17th – 21st September and experience the following unique activities:


Ceviche Masterclass: Watch Chef Schiaffino prepare his signature take on the ceviche – a quintessential Peruvian dish made using freshly caught raw fish, lime juice, red onions, and sweet potatoes. Learn about the chef’s cooking style and the secrets to his culinary success.


Cocktail Demonstration: No trip to Peru is complete without a taste of the traditional Pisco Sour. Learn how to prepare this delightful local cocktail and sip on it while sharing stories of your Amazon adventures.


Kitchen Tour: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the kitchen on board Aqua Nera, where our cooks prepare the world-class cuisine which accompanies our Peruvian Amazon expeditions.


Chef-Hosted Dinner: Join Chef Schiaffino for a family-style dinner where you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about Peru’s culinary scene and how it has evolved over the years. 

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