Join Professional Photographer Francisco Marin on the Aqua Mekong

We’ve invited a world-class commercial photographer, Francisco Marin, to host our four night departure on board the Aqua Mekong in December 2017. 

Francisco Marin is a successful commercial photographer and teacher, practicing his craft in Asia for over 10 years and currently an instructor with the renowned photography school, Leica Akademie, in Singapore. A native of Mexico, Marin is an artistic photographer who specializes in capturing architectural and interior design for corporate and editorial clients.

Skyline Series - Marin Photography

Skyline series by Francisco Marin

Inspired by his father as early as age 8, he comes with a trained eye, having studied architecture at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He also has a certificate from Maine Media College in architectural photography and studied digital photography at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai.

Francisco Marin Profile

In addition to his architectural and design portfolios, Marin has worked in many other areas of commercial photography, including jewelry, fashion, sports, and food and food packaging. He is also an accomplished photographic artist. Four exhibitions of his work have been staged, most recently “En el Café” in December 2016 at Leica Gallery in Singapore, together with his second book of the same name. His first book, “W.I.L.L. Walk into Life and Learn” was published for charitable purposes.

Mekong Photography by Francisco Marin

Photography by Francisco Marin during his trip on board the Aqua Mekong

Marin also teaches, leading training courses in commercial photography in China and photography classes for the general public, mostly in Shanghai.  Outside of photography, Marin successfully uses his talents in video production. He twice won second place in the Mei Wen Ti Short Film Festival in Shanghai. Francisco continues his professional photography work and artistry in Singapore represented by Aflote Inc.

Enjoy a video of Francisco’s recent work photographing what he saw while traveling with us on the Aqua Mekong:

 and learn more about our Photography Departure On Board the Aqua Mekong in December 2017.

Francisco Marin during his Aqua Mekong trip




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