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Amazon Wildlife Lists

Cruising the Amazon River on board the Aria Amazon takes our guests on a nature tour of unimaginable richness. The diversity of mammals living in the Amazon’s rainforest accompany us as we travel by skiff deep into the jungle. Their vibrant calls blend into a symphony of sounds and sudden glimpses of the more intrepid wildlife, create safari-like photographs. Whether in the Amazon’s waters, on her shores or hanging from the limbs of her rainforest canopy, our guests are treated to a plethora of exotic Amazon animals from endangered river dolphins to red howler monkeys, kinkajou, two and three toed sloths, tapirs and ocelots.

CHECKLIST_AQUAOn every Amazon cruise, each of our guests receives a complementary copy of our Amazon wildlife and bird list so that they may check off everyday, their wildlife “finds” and compare their photos and videos with others at the end of their day. Our naturalist guides will share their intimate knowledge of the Amazon’s wildlife with you as you learn the secrets of their natural behavior, jungle habitats, predators and mating habits deep within the Amazon jungle.