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Off-ship excursions into the Amazon jungle from the Aria Amazon showcase the unique Amazon wildlife, birds and plantlife of this rich habitat. Aqua Expeditions customized aluminum motorized launch boats, or skiffs, take up to eight passengers in each on two to three daily excursions deep into Amazonia’s snaking tributaries, in search of armored catfish, red bellied piranhas, and the beady-eyed heads of spectacled caimans in the enigmatic black waters. Just as captivating is the scene above water where yellow spotted Amazon River turtles meander along the muddy shoreline, sapphire blue beaked Amazon kingfishers streak past and antediluvian prehistoric hoatzin birds alight on high branches near dusky Titi monkeys playing in the tree canopy.

In accordance with Aqua Expeditions safety policies and environmental conservation and responsible travel guidelines, these skiffs are equipped with the latest Mercury 60 HP Marine Outboard engines, which operate at ultra-low emissions levels as certified by the California Air Resources Board. These energy-efficient vessels produce 65 percent lower emissions than required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency standards. Captains on board are constant radio contact with the Aria Amazon to ensure the safety of our guests while they explore Amazonia.

We have also expanded our land-based and water-based activities to include cycling, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more so that our guests can enjoy a more diverse, multidimensional experience while visiting our destination.


Biking is such a popular way of discovering daily life in a riverside community that we decided we also wanted to offer our guests on our Amazon cruise ships this fun and energizing mode of transport. Guests on our 3, 4 and 7-night cruises will have the opportunity to cycle around the town of Nauta with ten bikes available for guests on each ship. Nauta is a classical Peruvian town in the north-eastern part of Loreto Province. It is located on the north bank of the Marañón River, south of Iquitos and just a few miles from the confluence of the Río Ucayali. Biking through Nauta guests will discover traditional Peruvian houses and schools, shop for unique Peruvian and Amazonia souvenirs and cycle next to a major tributary of the Upper Amazon.

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Guests can also try kayaking the calm waters of the Amazon River while keeping an eye out for Amazon wildlife or even try fishing for piranhas . Whether you’ve never cast a fishing line before or you’re a passionate wrangler, fishing for vibrant red-bellied piranhas in the black waters of the Pacaya River is sure to set hearts racing with anticipation. Our highly-trained guides also bring our guests by skiff to swim in one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools on the earth in the Amazon’s warm, welcoming waters, cosseted by her lush tropical rain forest.

Whether it’s on two-wheels, in a kayak or on foot, Aqua Expeditions treats all guests with active ways to explore and discover life along the amazing Amazon River.

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