Climate And Weather In Peru’s Amazon

The climate in Iquitos, Peru, our Amazon River cruise point of departure and return is warm and humid year-round, with an average annual maximum temperature of 31°C (88°F) and a minimum of 21°C (70°F).


Aria Amazon


Although Amazon weather conditions vary with the changing of the seasons, the weather along Peru’s Amazon River remains generally warm with some rainfall even during low water season, from June to October. In fact, despite being the “rainy” high water season from November to May, the Amazon only gets about 10% more rain than falls in the low water season. Guests can expect the high water season to be relatively wetter: during this period, the Amazon region receives a little more than half (60%) of its total rainfall. During the high water season, the average temperature is a relatively cooler 86 degrees Fahrenheit, only 12 degrees cooler than in the low water season.


Each season brings some differences in the plant and animal life in Amazonia, due to the changing Amazon River climate. However, both are excellent times to visit the Amazon.

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